2015 July

Primary Research – Ghibli Museum

In 2015, I traveled around Japan for three weeks. During my time in Tokyo I ventured to Mitaka to go see the Ghibli Museum – this museum explores the magic behind the animation studio, Studio Ghibli. We were not allowed to take picture insides. The building was designed by Hayao Miyazaki (co-founder / director of Ghibli) and it feels like walking into one of his films. The interior of this incredible structure is a mixture of styles from his films and holds a labyrinth of different floors that can be accessed for instance by a tiny tower of spiral steps and a small bridge across the top. The whole inside is inspiring and truly captures the heart of the famous Ghibli films.

The first floor is dedicated to the making of the films and animation. It explores how the films are created. There is also a small cinema screening of a short film made for the museum – it was incredible to watch and explored the power of friendship against danger (I shall return to this). The second floor is a large showcase of storyboards, art, the process of coming up with ideas and finding inspiration. There was also an interactive room with a giant cat bus. The third floor had a shop. The whole museum explored the way that the studio creates their spectacular movies and the long process they take to develop till the final film (not only technically but story wise.) This has helped to inform my research for my dissertation.

Laputa GIF

(This image was a photograph inside of a Ghibli Shop in Kyoto). Totoro GIF


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