January, February and March

*** These three months were used to identify my lead question, gain research, make a research strategy, early progress map and present my ideas. It was the kick start to the year of research for my dissertation to be handed in some time in December. 


In March I went to see Zootopia in cinema; the newest Disney film. I think the way that it tackled gender and race was very clever. It reminded me of Pixar’s Inside Out that explored emotions and inner turmoil. This film explores the problems with society; the unfairness of prejudice. The lead character is a small female rabbit that wants to be a police officer – among giant predators she looks ridiculous and is mocked – but she trains and reaches her dream, only to be given a traffic warden position. It’s a great film for telling people to reach their true potential and not to judge anyone for how they look.

Review research strategy

MONDAY 7TH MARCH (deadline for synopsis)

Collect some online sources

Watch 5 animated movies and make notes

Week five: Formative (Hand in progress map and Research Strategy)


I made a presentation that showed the chapter outline and my lead question. It was a good way to speak my ideas and present how my research links together verbally. 


Develop my ideas from any feedback

Outline early chapters.


End of Feb: First draft of synopsis.


Week one: Read Brief and think up ideas

Week two: Initial Idea generation and mind-map.

Week three: Deciding on the final idea (question topic)

Week four: Initial  research begins.


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