I have continued updating my bibliography today so that it is up to date. This process has been helpful in reminding me of the articles and research that I had saved from several months ago. I have a lot of research and I hope that I can cover a lot of it throughout my dissertation, tomorrow I am going to review the first chapter in detail, and refine my research if need be.

I have chosen to write a long list of questions around my dissertation – I intend to refine these for my questionnaire I will send out no later than tomorrow, I am sharing this on social networking sites to spread it around to gain many responses. I hope to gain 50 – 100 responses. From the responses and the other questions on my long list I will interview more people and make focus groups. Making the questionnaire has let me pin point what I need to find out / the arguments of my essay.


Earlier on in my research I wrote down a long list of animated films that are well known in the mainstream (released by large animation studios). I wanted this as a reference for myself originally to recall a lot of different animations… However I recently went through and highlighted in either blue (male) or red (female) what gender the hero / lead character was. This was an interesting study and really brought across the majority male leads in animated films. – Studio Ghibli being the only company to release a majority of female leads.



I made a rough schedule over this week to understand how long I have left and how much time I can dedicate to the dissertation. I have to balance between my animation unit and researching. This has helped improve my time management and balance.

Over this week I have sent out some more emails (to gain interviews) because the few people that I have emailed have not yet got back to me. I wanted to contact some feminist/women who work in the animation industry. My tutor suggested maybe contacting the organisers of feminist film festivals. I’ve identified a few festivals and woman based animation groups.

I emailed Animated Women UK they are an organisation that promotes women in the animation and VFX industry:

“We want to support a network of women who can help each other achieve success at every stage of the animation or VFX pipeline. This change will be visible when we see results such as: better female characters on screen, an increase in women-led start-ups and an increase in women winning awards in technical areas. “

They have knowledge of the animation in the UK and understand the importance of women in the animation. I emailed the organisation and asked them questions on females heroes. I actually received  an email back from the co-founder. Lindsay Watson. She is going to reply on the weekend. I would also like to to write too feminist festivals. From my research I found alot of useful websites that explore female animators / articles on females in animation.

I also emailed Philip Zimbardo a man who worked on the prison social experiment. He has a lot of very helpful videos on the psychology of evil and heroes. He is a psychologist who goes in depth about a lot of aspects of his experiments and how good people can go bad. It could be a good insight in understanding the psychology of a person (villians) and heroes and what makes them act in certain ways. Should characters be realistic and adopt the emotions and character development that we all go through. Is there just good and bad people. Are heroes fully good? And do females act differently to men in these situations. These are all questions that I asked him. I hope he replies as this could be a key primary resource.

He said: “Heroism is the antidote to evil, by promoting the heroic imagination, especially in our kids… we want the kids to think I’m the hero in waiting” and “It’s ordinary people that do heroic deeds.” – He explores how heroes are everyday people, there is no set person. And the importance of inspiring children so that they can become the heroes in their own lives.

Updated Progress Map (19/10/2016)

I’ve started to put my progress onto a blog so I can review and write my ideas in a clear layout. Review my research at the same time.

(This month) I have watched 5 more films.

I have watched over 50 animated films this year and I needed a way to compare each film in a similar way. I decided to have a system that looked into the hero of the story. I made a list of questions which explored many aspects of the hero’s journey. I watched five more films this month (I have put them in here to show my system and reflect here.)


  • Goal: To find the Armour. (Originally, to tell stories and help mother)
  • Hero: Kubo (male)
  • Skills: Plays instrument (shamisen) that makes origami creatures
  • Helpers: Mother, Monkey, Stag Beetle, Village people
  • Characteristics: Brave, determined, sad
  • Appearance: Missing eye, child,
  • Social status: His mother is daughter to the moon King.
  • Creator: Laika
  • Quote:  “If we hold our stories deep in our hearts, you will never take it away from us.”
  • 2016


  • Goal: Discover new adventures (find her path)
  • Hero: Pocahontas (female)
  • Skills: ?
  • Helpers: Grandmother Willow, John Smith
  • Characteristics: Mature, adventurous, strong, takes risks
  • Appearance: Very pretty, Woman
  • Social status: Daughter of Tribe Leader
  • Creators: Walt Disney
  • Quote: “You think the only people who are people. Are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger. You’ll learn things you never knew”
  • 1995


  • Goal: To return home (originally to prove he was brave).
  • Hero: Arlo (Male Dinosaur)
  • Skills:
  • Helpers: Human boy, T-rexes, Father and family,
  • Characteristics: Young, scared, cowardly, determined, sad, unexperienced,
  • Appearance: Green Dinosaur, smaller than the rest his age, weak
  • Social status: Weakest dinosaur in his family
  • Creators: Pixar
  • Quote: “Arlo: I’m done being scared.
    Butch: If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.”
  • 2015


  • Goal: Discover her true heritage and find Laputa
  • Hero: Sheeta (female)
  • Skills: Crystal that protects her,
  • Helpers: Pazu (engineer boy), pirates,  robots
  • Characteristics: Sweet, kind-hearted, friendly, strong, brave and just
  • Appearance: Plain looking, young girl,
  • Social status: Royal Blood heir to Laputa
  • Creators: Studio Ghibli
  • Quote:  “No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.”
  • 1986


  • Goal: To make it to New York
  • Hero: James (Male)
  • Skills: Giant Peach,
  • Helpers: ladybird, grasshopper, spider, centipede and glow worm, stranger
  • Characteristics: Kind, brave, child, clever, encouraging,
  • Appearance: Small features, large head, child, looks like real actor.
  • Social status: Orphan
  • Creators: Director: Henry Selick
  • Quote:  “You’re not even a real rhino! You’re just a lot of smoke and noise! I’m not afraid of you!”
  • 1996

Updated chapter outlines. (14/10/2016)

I have put together the outlines for each chapters of my dissertation. I wrote the main arguments under the three headings. It has let me see how the different sections connect and lead into each other. I want my essay to have a strong narrative so it flows into each topic well.  The next step for my chapter outline is to put in the quotes and main researched points so that each paragraph has clear arguments.

Up to date Bibliography. (14/1o/2016)images

I’ve started to put on my resources onto my bibliography. I’m using the REFme site because I can set it to Ravensbourne’s Havard Referencing style. I hope to get this all up to date so I can refer easily to my research.


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