I created some sketches of the Japanese Macaque. I had so many photographs from my trip to Japan and wanted to make a piece to dedicate to the cheeky monkey. I was experimenting with the brush strokes to add texture to the fur of the monkey. I am happy with this character as he looks so happy – I made the face similar to the happy Buddha!


Above are the sketches from my sketchbook – I wanted to explore the gestures of these monkey’s, the actions that they do and the personalities from each monkey. They are really like mini humans. It was fun understanding the monkey’s anatomy and looking at an animal.


Another project that I worked on other summer was a Travel blog that would have illustrations and animations on it (named: ‘Twins animated adventures‘). The character design above was created a series of men from the Kyoto Parade in 2015. That day there was a typhoon, it was pouring yet all these men continued to carry the large ‘float / shrines’ through the city. It was incredible to see. The man above was based of a man I saw there – I want to play around with the figure of a man (I often don’t draw men so this was an exercise to help me improve.) He is very round and large. He is not meant to look scary but more passive even with his size.


Above is another character from this series of drawings. He is holding the lantern (which was covered in a clear plastic bag) at the front of the procession. The rain felt like this picture. I really like the look of this character – I also had to get used to drawing the Japanese features, I feel this drawing captures the shorter athletic shape of this man and this calm aura.


I sketched out a mixture of characters from my pictures and exaggerated their faces and features. I wanted to explore different ages and shapes. I really like the man in the center – his features are simple but work very well. I hope I can experiment further with him and make another sheet. I also like the hard shapes of the old man.


Above is a selection of faces I sketched out to experiment with features and see which ones worked and which didn’t. I didn’t like all of these faces but developed the ones that I liked the most. It was fun to try and achieve the Japanese features and the masculine characters I’m not used to drawing.

These are the photographs from the Kyoto Parade. I used these to look at the different people, clothes and items they were carrying. I decided to pick a few of the men from these pictures and give them personalities and identities I could use to create character designs. It’s nice to see the different postures of the men as they perform their ritual.


I put together this large page from the following sketchbook pages where I studied the Japanese features and people. I used photographs collected from my travels and put together these different observation sketches. I also exaggerated these into a stylished look.

Above are these individual sketchbook pages. I wanted to study as many as possible in order to develop and experiment (hence who some look a little deformed.)

Personal project


An idea that I have wanted to explore for a long time is the local history at one beach in Cornwall. At the beach are 6 baths carved into the cliff and rocks at the beach. The women used to bath here and the fisherman would watch from the fishing harbor. I wanted to create a character that would get back at the men for watching her. This is one of the earliest concept sketches of this character.


Above are some more digital sketches that I created to explore what the final character will look like. One of the themes that I want to explore for this piece is nudity – not created as being sexual but natural. The bather will be in wearing ‘underclothes’ which she baths in but will become see through after she gets out. I wanted to de-sexualise this seen and make it funny and humorous. The sketches above are very serious but I hope to change the tone.


I wanted this character to be very curvy and to express the female form. (However I wish to not focus on a sexy character but a womanly figure that is larger on the legs) – I want to avoid the male gaze but put forth a woman that’s characteristics will be more based on her personality and movements than ther sexy appearance.

These are very badly animated gifs of some of the ideas that I had for the story. I liked the idea of her hair being very large and frizzy but when she dips into the water, her hair comes out all wet and skinny. A key part of my plot is having a flock of seaguls fly past her were she sees the fisherman who were watching her. I just wanted to visualize these initial ideas further and so created ‘animated’ like animations.


Above are several sketches of trying to develop the character’s face. I wanted toe explore lots of variations and expressions.


I created some storyboards for this story to experiment with different narrative shots and get a feel of how this story could pan out visually. I have a mixture of ideas.



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