For this term I decided to attend at least three events. Events are important in going out to meet other artists and networking with potential connections. It also allows you to see work that is being made at the moment and share with others your own. I attended the FAFF festival, a BBC networking opportunity and a Life drawing session at the Cutty sark. Each were different and taught me different things.



Faff Event Proof

I went to one of the FAFF events (FAFF: Powerhouse). We was a showcase of lots of different works but the main studios was, ‘Moth Animation Studios’ based in London. After seeing some of this companies latest works we had a QA session where we learnt a lot about the details of this company. I found this to be helpful and informative. Here is some of what was said:

  1. They explained that commercial work fuels their passion projects. They must create commercial work in order to help fund their passion projects that they want to do. The passion projects may not pay as well or take more time and etc – so in order to do these they must use commercial work. The passion project also motivate them to do the commercial work so they have a healthy balance between what pays the rent and what they enjoy.
  2. Freelance to begin with. The company started off as separate animators and they each were freelancers to begin with – it let them explore different areas.
  3. Studio – made up with MA students and other animators. Set up by animators and students that wanted to set up a studio.
  4. Turning down projects (ability to pick what will help you). They turned down many projects knowing when too choose the opportunities that will help them.
  5. Contract
  6. Realistic with time and budget. Is it worth doing the job? Can they create what that company wants with what is offered?
  7. Passion small budget films more creative. The smaller projects have more freedom and creativity.
  8. Asking businesses if they can make work from them. They asked the New York Times if they could create an animation for them – and they were hired. So asking for work can be beneficial (if the studio is strong).


BBC Radio 4 – Design meet up


Last year I collaborated with my sister on an animation for the BBC Radio 4, weather series. It was an event that was showcasing the design work of all that had worked for the BBC Radio 4 that year. We were invited back along with other designers to see all of this work and to learn more on each project. It was a great opportunity to network and stay connected with some of people we had met at the start of year from the BBC.


Going back to the BBC like this to celebrate designers work is a lovely experience – we are celebrating new work and innovative ideas. Sharing and staying in contact are great, and it was a new experience to attend a gathering like this. Some of the benefits for events like these are:

  • Networking experiences with other animators and illustrators – We had the chance to talk and network with the other designers and creatives after the showcase of all our work. Some of the the people that worked at the BBC said they would introduce us to any of the designers that we would like to meet. One of these was Karrie Fransman, an illustrators and designer who worked on a piece for the BBC Radio 3. We stayed in contact and it was great to meet her and ask advice about how she got into the industry. She was so kind and happy to talk.
  • Swapping business cards (understanding their importance) – a lot of business cards were swapped at this event, unfortunately I did not have a business card – however it let me see their value. I observed some of my friends using it as a way to start or close a conversation. We were also admiring all the cards that were passed.
  • Getting more work from BBC – Staying in contact with the BBC is important and we spoke a little about the possibility of creating more work. Other than the BBC we met other people at the event who were also interested in gaining animators for their projects.
  • Celebrating each others work – It’s so important to celebrate everyone’s work and to be inspired by other artists.
  • Seeing new animation and innovation – Some of the work we saw was very innovative and looked at new ways of creating visual pieces. One of my favourite was the violin player, she played her music as the art as displayed over her violin creating visual music.
  • Free food! (this is a joke) – but we were given refreshments and small snacks which is always a positive!

Life drawing at the Cutty sark

I attended a Life Drawing session at the Cutty Sark on 15/10/2016, an event created by Art Macabre, a company that creates special drawing events. This event started after hours at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. There were different activities and things to do on the boat. This included, a free mini bottle of whisky, seeing findings of Mud larking, small drawing exercises, shanty singers (whom we could draw and listen), a life model who was an opera singer (her character was a witch), a acrobatic mermaid whom also was a life model – she did her acrobatics on the ships deck, a tea shipment captain and traditional Chinese lady modeled together and of course the opportunity to look around the Cutty sark.  This experience was different to the others that I attended but it was still important this is because I was able to:

  • Interact with other designers. The ship had lots of professional artists and illustrators who were there and I had the opportunity to talk with them.
  • Create illustrations from life models – I could practice my life drawing skills and the opportunity to mix it with a nordic touch.
  • Have a unique experience – The day truly was unique and fun, days like this are good for inspiring artists and letting loose so ideas can be explored.
  • Other places outside of animation.

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