Finding Events / festivals / Competitions


British Animation awards has been running for 20 years – at the south bank BFI is were it takes place. The next competition takes place in 2018. There are lot of big sponsors (such as CBBC, BLUE ZOO, cartoon network, Aardman, Dreamworks, Cbeebies). Furthermore there ate lots of categories and the public choose. Awards given to ‘Best student film / undergraduate / post graduate’ animation. Quality animations to be entered in here.

Above are a selection of some animation events, festivals and small competitions that I have researched into. The 11 second club is a small competition, monthly an audio is realised the length of 11 seconds and animators must create animation around the dialogue. It’s a good way to spend time on a short and polished animation – and to potential have it presented on a great platform for animators. It could be a good way have a focus on a deadline.

The London Internation Award’s festival holds many events over several days that look at different parts of the industry, holding talks and viewings: “LIAF is a year-round celebration of animation with screenings and events throughout the year. Our annual Festival is the engine room of the whole kit-and-kaboodle! A 10 day comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the international indie animation scene: every style; every genre; every technique.” (

Sketch Dailies is not nessecarily a competition or event. However it is a socal media challenge that posts topics and artists create work on that them, hashtagging #sketchdailies, the work will appear on their page and it is shared to over 50 thousand followers of the challenge. It’s a great way to promote your art and profile to un-expecting audiences. I hope to create work to this challenge over Christmas.

Tricky Women – is an animation festival that takes place in Vienna. It celebrate women in all aspects of animation industry international. They hold a five day event.

Animated Women UK – You have to sign up to the membership of this organisation which helps to promote women in animation. They have a network ofImage result for animated women uk animators who are stay connected and work hard to push for the greater need of women lead roles and in technical jobs. Every year they have a event, a BBQ where the members gather. I contacted the founder of animated women and spoke to her for my dissertation work – she explained some of the work she is launching at the moment also: “In terms of inspiring other women in our industry, Animated Women has just launched our ‘achieve career development program’ which kind of contains aspects of mentoring, so that is a huge aspect of my research. (My interview).” She explained the mentoring scheme and the need for the organisation.




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