Sectors in animation

Animation Sectors

  • Gaming – App design, smart phones
  • Motion Graphics; info graphics, branding
  • Commercial – advert
  • Interactive experience – Occulus rift, virtual reality, e-books, new technology
  • Theatre
  • Concert
  • Music Videos
  • Television – Panel show, documentaries, opening titles
  • Charity – Awareness, medical, educational
  • Shorts – Youtube self promotions, personal
  • Education
  • Children program
  • Science

Charity – Charity is an area that will mean you can do good as well as create animations. I can experiment and feel freer in this medium because there is less worry about

Entertainment – Is the sector I want to work in mostly because I love telling stories to inspire and help people grow. This is why working in film or tv would be good for me, I would like a platform were I can create characters that will change how we see society. This is the largest sector and brings in the largest amount of money into the UK. This is also achieved through overseas bringing work to the Uk because of Tax Breaks.

The Tempest

Theatre- I think that this could be an interesting way quite different than anything else which explores how animation can be immersive an bring life to a set and location for an audience. This also goes for festivals that use animation as a projection on walls and etc to show case the animation as an immersive experience.

To mark Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, the Royal Shakespeare Company whips up a storm of performance-capture technologies to dazzle audiences and celebrate The Tempest

This show looks into the immersive.

Science – Teaching important and vital information in the form of a visual art such as animation. Can help the population to understand technical and confusing procedures. At the same time this can be in the form of factual animations. Can be shared on social media.


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