Social Networking

At the end of summer and the start of this unit I wanted to focused on my online presence – so I could build this up over my last year. I contacted Meg Park who explained how social media was important tool for self promoting and finding work as a freelancer.



I had a twitter that I has posted two tweets and forgot about it for 4 years. I only recently decided to embrace twitter as the great tool it is. Each social media is different and interacts differently with the fans. Twitter is known for being a ‘conversation’ not just posting work. It’s a great way to communicate with other animators, big companies and fans. The idea is to promote others and let get help to promote your own work. Following and sharing content is a good way to begin getting followers. Twitter is different from other social sites, there is a limited amount to post at once. So the tweets are to the point (however at the same time need to show your personality). You shouldn’t hashtag more than two tags. I like that you can view you stats on this site and how many people have seen your work. The pictures are good quality compared to Instagram. twitter2

The BBC Radio 4 shared our Gif (created for their weather series) on their site. It was a good way to promote our animation and even BBC weather shared our work because of the connect. Therefore twitter is a very public way of connecting and sharing work.




I recently signed up to Instagram which is a great site in getting a lot of appreciation for your posts. On Twitter or Tumblr I struggle to get 4 likes but on Instagram I can get that in a minute. The Instagram crowd is more about the beauty of the work. The audience are more active and comment on the work. It’s nice that they added the snap-chat ‘story’ feature (short video) on here too so you can see other animators and designers at work and also promote your own work. This is my favourite platform so far because it reaches the most people. I tag my posts with lots of tags (when people search for one of these keywords then they can see my work) its a good way to reach people from different ‘sectors’ such as Travel, authors, movie goers and etc.



Tumblr is more of a blog like medium. I have struggled to gain many followers on this site, but it’s a nice platform for sharing lots of work as it’s high quality and keeps an archive of your work. You can also time the posts so it is constantly posting for your followers. I post on her regularly a lot of different pieces of art because I know it won’t be judged as much. It gives you the ability to create a website like format.


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