Art teacher


This is my progress so far. I have put in the key frames and then the first breakdowns of the first second – and a few inbetweens there is definitely still a lot of work (that left hand) but I feel like I am making progress in my skills and I am happy with the way that this animation is going. I am finally understanding timing and spacing (and a good way to work out the animation for myself). Learning a process of animation that is quicker and makes more sense to me. It has helped me a lot. I really like the hair in this test, I wanted to experiment with it being very bouncy and fluid.


Art teacher character design


Above is finalized look of my character. I want to play about her clothes – make them more eccentric and colourful. I wanted her body to look athletic – strong arms and a curvy figure. Her hair is also curvy but I hope for it to have a lot of movement and overlap in the animation. My initial idea for this character was to have a ‘crazy,’ ‘eccentric’ and ‘passionate’ art teacher.I wanted to explore this idea of having a wacky women who spreads her passion of the arts – to a class. She is inspired from hints of the art teachers I new. I think I could make her appear more crazy with expressions, clothes and poses so I hope to make another character sheet.


Above is a collection of imagery I thought represented the art teacher I had in mind. I want her to be strange but passionate. Have a unique mind that is different from the norm. Her dress sense, will be colourful and strange, taking inspiration from the painting  she likes or the colours and patterns – her look is bright and stands out.  I have included poses and small items that may belong to her. She is expressive with her body as well as her personality.  This mood board will help me bring out a sense of who she is and the scenario she might me in.

The Funny Face (1957) film, features a ‘bohemian’ expressive dance, performed by Audrey Hepburn. In this scene she is letting loose to the music and moves her body to express herself. The dance is full of shapes and large gestures that I want to refer to when creating a character sheet – different poses and moods.


This is the first sketch that I made of the art teacher – I created her to have a strange look. Her hair and face through her body has curves and different proportions. This pose showing a bold gesture – which created the idea of an art teacher who is very lively.


I put on some music, and with my sister dancing I would shout ‘stop’ to capture some gesture poses in my sketchbook. I wanted to capture the poses of my character. And also observe the movements of the character.


This was a small section from my sketchbook which was reviewing the expressions of this character very roughly. I hope to make a more official document that really pushing these faces. I want her face to be very exaggerated and over the top. This was me just trying to figure the shape of the face. When animating the face I want to see how far I can push the expression. I need to work on this – as I don’t tend to over exaggerate the face shape (during emotions.)

I wanted to think about the different styles (colour and look) I could use to approach this character (aside from my normal creations.) I wanted to look at impressionist artists and different painters / techniques to in cooperate her creative personality and the passion of the character. This may be a little difficult to explain without the concept drawn. I also just like the poses and perspectives that have been captured by Egon Schiele – the character is the center of the work. They have a sense of narrative because of the composition and poses of the women her paints.


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