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(a link to my Linkedin profile.)


My LinkedIn (profile)

Above is my Linkedin profile that I created it in the last term. However I have been working on my profile over the last few months to improve it even more. It is a great piece of software to connect with students and people I have worked with over the last year (as a online network of people) – but also to engage with other studios/ groups and animators out there. It also is a great tool for searching for jobs also.


I recently learned about the Groups on this networking site.  The groups are intended to join like minded people together – (those who do not know one another) into an area based on a particular category. For example, above are 5 groups that I have asked to join. They are all about animation. The first, (Jobs in Animation) is a group that posts items on how to get a job, job listings and posts of interest in this area. They post jobs from all around the world – including London. The second group, (Characters Engage…) Is a group that is interested in the character, and as a advocate of the character and meeting other industries that work with the ‘character.’ It seems like an interesting group. The Animation Army is targeted at: “animators, character-designers, storyboard-artists, directors, producers, vo-artists, anyone and everyone in animation.” – This is an area to connect to other artists and animators in this field and share a conversation.

I also decided to join the group Scientific Illustration and Animation for the Research Scientist’  it was a good way to engage with a sector different to just the entertainment side of animation – and could open to windows and outlooks. The group is networking with scientists and researchers to help explain and develop their works. The last group that I asked to join was 2D Animation, as I am interest in 2D animation it would be great to talk to other animators and have a larger conversation here and find potential work.  I have sent a request and hope to Join most of these here!


Aside from asking to join a group were I can contribute and converse with other animators and designers, I have also started to follow lots of companies that I am interested in (and would like to work for). Above I have started to follow studios around the London area (and Ireland) which I have researched into for my work. I have also added companies such as Pixar, Aardman, Sony Pictures Animation, BBC and Dreamworks to follow their work. I have lastly followed Creative Skillset and Hiive – both are to help me find work after I graduate, they sometimes promote trainee work and internships for Graduates.


I also have been using LinkedIn to connect with those I have worked with previously. I worked with James Fawcett last year on the BBC Radio 4 Wind witch and so connected with him through the site so that I can communicate with him in the future.


untitled-1Above is my CV that I have edited to update my accomplishments over the last year. I want it to look neat and easy to read and to be clear – as to show of who I am. I have designed this two column approach so that it can all fit onto one document. I think that this is a good work frame for my CV, however if I had more free time then I would like to make it look more creative and more personal to show of my personality. However as the same time I think that this works well as a professional clean CV. I have included my awards, work experience, skills, Interests, education, a small paragraph about me and my contact info. (I hope my website on there soon).

Business cards

I did a little research into business cards that are out there and how creative they can be. I like the idea of having my own stamp as it could save me money and mean I can make my own cards. However I also like the unique looking cards such as the folding butterfly. For now I am going to look at a standard template and develop later.


Above are a few business cards that I designed. After my research I decided that I wanted my business card to be a place to put some of my artwork – therefore when I hand it over to someone they can view my artwork and see what I do.  I also think it brightens up the card well. I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces from over this year. I have created four designs that are similar. Over Christmas I would like to experiment and create an inventive card. However for now I have made a standard card template. I want to use a font that I can brand across my website, CV and cards – so need time to plan this.


These pictures are for the back design. They have a single picture or frame from an animation. I have even included a storyboard. I want the image chosen to make an impact. I hope to buy these cards over Christmas as I ran out of time to order them. However I did order a free sample from ‘MOO’ online shop that is specialist in business cards and etc – I could get a feel of the paper that the cards of made of.


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