Nara Deer feeder


I’m getting closer to the final animation here. I wanted to experiment with the colours of the character and background. I like this more saturated look as it looks like morning. When creating this man I wanted to add alot of volume to those cheeks to really push his expression and make use of those wrinkles.


I wanted this man to bow forward and back after bowing. I’mm not sure If I will have time to finish this section of the animation, but I did make some rough animation. The pace needed to be pretty even because he is slowly bowing forward. I tried to play around with the pacing as I created it, until I was happy.


Here are the key-poses of this animation. The animation was going to begin with this man holding up the cracker and then bowing to the deer, waiting for the response and then smiling / laughing at the situation. I wanted to experiment with thee facial expression of an older man. gateaj

I created this concept art to experiment with a cinematic frame of the bowing deer and man. I like this idea of the actual bowing scene to be a silhouette as it would look more epic and mysterious.


Above, I created some concept art of the different stills to understand the colour and the look of the animation that I want to create. I like the yellow and blue tones of the sky as it reminds me of a morning scene – calming and sacred. The deer are respected in Nara as being holy animals, hence why they are allowed to roam the city free even entering shrines and shops.

I decided to look at the Japanese painting style to study the colours that were used to influence by own colour in the animation. What I notice was the light water colour fill of yellows and blues. It was also nice to look how the deers are captured.

Only YesterdayImage result for only yesterday gifImage result for only yesterday gif

Isao Takahata wanted to create realistic facial movements for the characters in his film, Only Yesterday. This film is a women in her 30’s reminiscing about her childhood as she makes a trip to work in the country. The director wanted to give more expression into the faces of the characters to give depth and life to the emotions. I personally think that it works really well in enhancing the features. – It also makes her more mature looking.  I want my character to have a similar volume to his cheeks that bring life to his face when happy…


This is a sheet dedicated to one man we met in Nara, Japan. This city is famous for it’s bowing deers. If you bow at the deers then they bow back in order to receiver a deer cracker. You can buy a small pile of the crackers all around the city, however this man had a whole bag full. He was on his own and teaching us how to feed them. He seemed like he was having so much fun. I don’t really draw elderly people. Therefore I wanted to see how I could create a Japanese elderly man. He has a friendly page, so from his photo I created a mixture of sketches which developed into a character I really liked.


As well as the old man, I thought I might want to make a duo pair; of both deer and man. These are sketches of the deer. I wanted to experiment with the look and create a very curvy character. I really like the outcome because the drawings are so loose.


The top photo is of  the man and his deer. He was showing us how to bow to them. He inspired the above sketches and an animation concept. I thought the two would make a nice short of the bowing man.  Below is a picture of me bowing to the deer.


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