Five Companies

My ultimate goal is to one day own my own studio with my sister as I’m not sure if I could see myself working for someone else forever – I prefer the freedom to be creative. This is why I have tried to find smaller companies as my 5 selected. I still have a lot to learn and hope to improve my skills at a small company, so one day I can make it on my own. I also would like to have a go at freelancing and working for myself – of course this is more stressful but I think this seems like a good option for me.  However here are some companies that I have identified:

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One of the top companies that I would like to work for is Cartoon Saloon. They are based in Kilkenny, Ireland. This twice Academy and BAFTA nominated studio was created by a small  group of three friends who met at University – created in 1999, the studio made award-winning shorts, TV shows and feature length films.  It was only in 2010 when the The Secret of Kells, the first feature length film and Song of the Sea (2015) another film put the company out there. I really like that the company explores the Celtic ancestry of Ireland, in both their films and TV Shows. They also recently created a TV show Puffin Rock (aired on Netflix) which focuses on nature and a group of puffins.

The animations that they create are stunning and also wonderfully told – with incredible characters. I personally love working with characters and the Song of the Sea characters were wonderfully developed. It’s nice to know that there is a 2D animation in the British Isles. If I did work for this studio I would have to move to Ireland – which is a big decision.


On their website the have a section for applying to work for them. It’s a multiple of questions like this which shows what job roles they have available and what skills are needed. Above I have selected the different sections that I would be interested in. Interestingly they also have roles such as Intern and work experience (so if I didn’t want to move permanently to Ireland I could have the chance to learn more skills at the company – or even have a taste of the roles that are on offer.


Above are more questions from this same page. It asked what programs I have experience with, it lists some of the top 2D animation softwares, but the ones they use. I know that they use mainly TV Paint for Song of the Sea. I have signed up for a trail version which I want to play around over Christmas. I cannot save the work but it will let me have a taste of the programme. It’s important for me to have a knowledge of some of these in order for me to have more appeal. However, being a good animator is also more important – if I become a good animator then these are just tools that I can develop.

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What I really like about Studio A.K.A is that they have a mixture of styles and approaches. They are a small studio in London which is a great location for where I live. They have so many different styles and looks to their works which I find really inspiring. I know that they create a lot for commercials as well (which isn’t what I had planned to work in) – but it could be a good opportunity to taste this side of animation. They still create innovative work that looks stunning and has great ideas. I tried to contact one of art directors from Studio A.K.A as I follow them on Tumblr, she creates lots of designs aside from the animation she created for the studio – it was a beverage advert, but it had so much cinematography and beauty it proves that working commercially can still give creative freedom.


I also recently watched a short film called ‘The girl and the cloud’ produced by Studio A.K.A and another studio called ‘Red Knuckles Studios.’ I really like this short film its beautiful and captures a great story. It was directed by Philip Hunt (from Studio A.K.A).

‘Using a projection texturing method to create a unique look somewhere between 2D & 3D, the production team worked round the clock to blend the 2D artwork with 3D Cgi characters, and the final touches were provided by composer Denis Kilty and the wonderful tones of narrator Ciaran Hinds.’ (source)

Above shows this piece was created by both 2D and 3D which show the innovation of the piece and the relevance of known both 2D and 3D. I would love to work on short films and story development since this is where my passions lie. I am realistic knowing that it might take time to get there but I see hope if I worked for Studio A.K.A that I could be apart in making short stories (which are becoming more popular also in advertisement recently).

Above are some of the key questions that I would ask to this studio. I did try connecting with one of the directors but they don’t often take feedback. I know that Mike has a contact and so I hope in the future to maybe reach out to them. They sometimes offer internships which could be a good way to get my foot in the door. They express that they mainly use TVPaint and traditional methods – as well as adobe and autodesk. They also have given top ten pointers to applying for an intern (to the right).

We Are …

… a close knit team that include, directors, designers, animators, writers, technical artists & producers who create & consult on projects with a strong emphasis on Story, Design & Character …

We’re individual creators, but we work very closely with each other to tap into combinations of specific skills that we each possess. Consequently, we have a reputation for an ability to find & apply the best creative solution to a problem, and create innovative & bespoke work unique to each project.

On Studio A.k.A website

Above is a quote taken from their website that points out what the company is about. I like that they focus on story, design and characters as I also find this very important. This is also good to use when applying.

Image result for jelly fish animation studio

Jellyfish animation is a small company in London that works on TV programs mainly in 3D. They work in a fast pace way but the company is a close unit of people. The talk we had, explained that the animators could pick the shots that they worked on.

Jellyfish isn’t just another VFX studio for hire, we pride ourselves on offering a huge amount to the visual direction of the projects we work on. Storyboarding, concept art, character design, pre-viz, graphic design – we cover every aspect of visual development. Our art department has come up with stunning work across a huge variety of styles and projects.

The look at all aspects of the animation pipeline and work throughout to create series and animations.  To get in contact

Blue Zoo

Renown for making creatively playful CG character animation for broadcast, advertising, VR and mobile games for broadcasters, agencies and production companies around the world.

When comes to developing and producing CG children’s shows are reputation is second to none. Having animated shows such as Digby Dragon, Miffy, Tree Fu Tom, Q Pootle 5 and Alphablocks we have a proven track record of surpassing client expectations.

We have worked with broadcasters and individuals to help develop their ideas into full-blown productions, using our experience in the area combined with efficient workflows to produce budget-defying quality

With over 16 years experience, we love collaborating to craft unique & engaging animation, made entirely within our London based studio.

They also work in mainly 3D – however I like they work on character development and there is an opportunity to work on concept art here. Furthermore this company seems very friendly. They work on commercials and children’s tv so there is a possibility for experimentation.


We’re constantly looking for top-notch artists and animators to join us, and have a website just for it!

Apply by the website with a showreel or portfolio.

Lupus Animation and also Red Knuckles Studios  – they work in films and shorts and use a mixture of styles that are appealing.


I also have looked into these animation studios – mostly small studios in London.


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