Online Promotion

Online promotion.

Tips on how to use the internet to your benefit.

  • Create a fanbase, 1000 true fans
  • Upload regularly
  • Connect with followers (take into consideration what work applies to an audience)
  • Share work in progress
  • Take part in challenges (like #sketch_dailies) on social media to find new followers and have worked shared on their pages.
  • Make announcements about prints and events
  • Make giveaways (print to share post) – more traffic for the artwork and trend.
  • Use multiple platforms to share work. Each one promotes slightly differently.
  • Hashtag work wisely – fans find work with tags.
  • Share portfolio, websites and email for contacting.
  • Commissions / art trades / collaboration with other artists.
  • Don’t worry about statistics and likes…
  • Connect with artists and businesses valuable to you.
  • Make website a main hub (social media has drawbacks.)



I have followed lots of animation companies and news on animation on my twitter. It give sme updates about how animation is doing currently in the UK and in the world. On twitter automatic bot retweets any thing to do with animation so it appears on my feed and I can review it – Twitter is a good tool for staying in tune with the animation world.


Vimeo Picks are a great way of getting the work out there. Especally for freelancers, putting up quality work that will be given the staff pick will mean thousands of views on your work. I have researched into the ways to make yourself more likely to be picked:

  • Self Promote the work on all social networking to get some views on the video. More likely to be seen this way
  • Reach a wider audience by trying not to alienate anyone from the piece. Needs to connect with most people otherwise it will not be picked.
  • Have a really good thumbnail to capture the attention of the audience.
  • Make sure the contents has a good story. Let it be clear and focused on whatever message you are sending.
  • Have a clear description.


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