(L06:) Above is the first initial Gantt chart I made for the portfolio and FMP pitch (from the first term). This was planned solely for my FMP at this point. I want to make sure that I have as much time to animate and create worthy pieces for my final piece.


(LO6:) This is my second Gantt chart that was created to be more in depth and include live briefs and FMP and realistically to see how long each section would take me. It is important to manage my project so that I will not burn out or loose focus at certain points of the project (and especially since I am working on multiple projects). I will refer to this gantt chart and update where I need to to stay on track and motivate me to work hard throughout.


(LO6:) Above is a closer look at the Gantt chart. This section is the pre-production stage. It starts from the 9th January to late February (the latest) – Ideally mid-February, but I wanted to give myself a pillow encase I go over since I’m not exactly sure how long each stage will take. I want a solid two weeks to work only on my pre-production (between the 10th – 24th Feb). It’s important to spend a lot of time on my pre-production since I am making a 2D animation and so the planning must be exact to save time later in the production stage.


(LO6:) This is a look at the production half of my gantt chart above. I hope to give myself three months to animate in. This including tests and my report. From the end of February to the end of May I want to really take into consideration the length of each stage. Especially cleanup and colouring which will be the longest. I will update if I go over.

Week 01 (2017)

(LO6:) As well as creating a gantt chart I have created a weekly schedule where I can fill in more detailed tasks and make a plan of what I will do weekly to achieve as much as possible (and to stay on track). I shall hopefully continue to make these every Wednesday.

Week 03 (2017)


(LO6:) This is a rough schedule I created for week three. I hope to follow this plan, although I might need some more time for these tasks. The making of Shadid’s storyboard for instance, I realise I am going to need longer. I didn’t follow this schedule as much and so I hope to follow better in the future. However I did follow my main tasks.

Week 04 

Week 04.jpg

(LO6:) This is my schedule for Week 4, I’m a little behind since I am working on two different pre-production projects other than my own. I need to spend this week finishing off these projects – I hope to have an initial story thumbed out and character designed by next week.

Week 07



(LO6:) I also make lots of to-do lists on a notepad that I have. I’ve made so many to-do lists, daily. Above are some rough plans I’ve made, some are lists of blog posts I need to make and things I need to do. They are a good way to let me organise my day into achievable tasks.


(L06:) Above was the first rough scedule I made in my notebook for my FMP project plan. It has some main tasks that I need to achieve. It gives a little more detail than the Gantt chart and lets me tick off as I go along.



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