Ed’s Film colloboration

 Conclusion and summary of project

I collaborated with a film student at Ravensbourne on his Final major project. I was asked to create some concept art from the script that he had written. The piece is a crime detective series with several strange murders. This the first time I have worked on a TV series / live action concept art an a first for creating the murder scenes. I was very intrigued by his concept (the murders being scenes from the Wizard of Oz) and felt like it was a great opportunity to try making concept art.


Final Concept art 1

Above is one of the final concepts for Ed. Ed was happy to have a mixture of styles and looks. I decided for this shot I wanted a very dark and eerie feel. I wanted to work with Biro for this two shot look at the witch melting scene. This man has been tied to a chair and will be melted with hydrochloric acid when someone opens the door. So I have a shot of the detectives opening the door and a view of the man melted in the chair. This is actually one of my favourite pieces because of the drama and the darkness of the short.

Scan_20170328 (13)Above are some very rough thumbnails I quickly made to explore different angles and looks for this concept art.

I created these drawings to explore the layout of the room and how the trap would be set. As well as figuring out how the victim would look and react, what part of the shot was I going to do, before it has happened, as it is happening or after the murder?

Scan_20170328 (16)Testing different looks and feels for the concept.


Final concept art 2

Above is the final concept art (2) that I created for the murder scenes. This scene was based of the Tin Man from Wizard of OZ – the victim being a human statue performer. I am wanted to to create a digital piece to explore this and improve my skills. I had a lot of problems trying to work out the staging of this scene. But in the end I am happy with the placement because it shows the location well. I like the traditional feel to. However if I could have had more time (and learning from my research) I could have placed the man and tried to draw the viewers eye to him more – even though I like he bends in with the embankment dolphins and become apart of the landscape.


This was a colour study and composition attempt – that I wasn’t happy with. I just wanted to explore the staging. However looking back I think it was a good attempt and very interesting to see the green of the Thames and the colours seem to work well together.

embankment study

I love the iconic lampposts of the Embankment in London. The dolphin shaped lampposts have such personality that I felt that I needed to include it in my concept. I decided to create the page above as experimenting and studying the shape – and exploring how I could create this piece of concept.


I created this rough watercolour – I wanted to explore using watercolour to create a concept, I wasn’t happy enough to use it as the final piece but it has a charm about it. I like the sad and groggy atmosphere conveyed by the cloudy London day and I hope I can include this in the final part.


Working out how I could digitally create the look of the statue. Above I looked at making the face with a blocky pieces of colour and shade. And also spreading particles / splashes of colour in order to get the effect the metal had been thrown at him. 4

The above sketches were unsuccessful in my eyes, I don’t like the look of either – I look at that the human statues from below to try and create a statue that had the folds and colours of the actual human statue performers but for me it didn’t work.


I collected reference images of human statues. This concept piece focuses on a human statue being covered in hot metal and becoming an actual human statue. I wanted to look at the appearance of these performers and understand the poses and the locations.


As well as looking at the human statues I have gathered these images of the location where this murder is set so I can in-cooperate that into my design. I wanted to get an idea of the staging and blocking (to give me more ideas) – plus a good look at the details like the lampposts iconic of the Embankment at London.

Scan_20170328 (15) Thumbnailing ideas and camera angles for the tin man scene.


Final Concept art 3

I found this shot to be the hardest for me. I created so many different versions which I hated all so much. I decided to then do a speed paint. Giving myself a certain amount of time to finish the entire picture. This murder scene is based on the wicked witch of the west being crushed by Dorothy’s house – in this case a palette of bricks has been dropped on a women. I didn’t want to make a gory scene – so this I hope captures more a sad and dramatic tone. I wanted to use colour to create a mood too. Although I’m not completely happy with it, I feel it expresses the scene well and this is what Ed was after.

I created several different versions of this scene. I wanted to really explore different styles and shots to capture this scene. I found it difficult at first because the scene was enclosed in such a small area. I used both traditional and digital mediums to explore and experiment with colour and look.


Above is a study I made of a blood covered brick – I wanted to see how I could use a digital medium to produce the concept. This test was to play around with the colours in the brick and how the red blood would balance. I am happy with this test.

These were more versions that I created that look more like thumbnails. I was exploring how to set the scene – I was going to include the characters but later decided the concept’s purpose is really to show the murder scene. You can just see me exploring and experimenting with ideas.

Scan_20170328 (14)Very rought thumbnailing to explore ideas in my sketchbook.


I was struggling to begin with imagining how to composition this shot because it was a small tent – so I felt like there was no room to explore the scene. I decided to use Maya to create a 3D version of the murder and move the camera around to explore how the scene could be captured.

17I created the tent around the body too to get a sense of the size and space I had to play around with. I added some of the characters as described in the script (because originally I was going to place the characters in the shot.)

Above you can see the array of shots that I created to understand the murder scene – it also let me explore the filmic language, what I wanted to say with the piece. What particular details did I want to show. This exercise was a great way for me to explore different shots and not be restricted by my brain. constructionThis scene is set on a construction site – I decided to gather some reference of a construction sites (especially in cities). I wanted to understand what the environment would be like in this setting, what the floor would look like and the texture. And the equipment that these construction sites have laying about. This way the shot will feel more authentic.


This piece of concept art is set inside a police tent. I think light is very important as it can set a mood to the piece. I created the moodboard above to collect images of lighting inside of a tent. To get a sense of the mood and how light works. I really like the light spread over the tent in dots and the shadows in the different areas. It’s actually very beautiful – I would like to explore similar lights in my final concept too.

Colour Mood boards

(L01): After creating some small sketches and tests for this project I decided that I needed a better understanding of what colours I needed to really tie the image together. And to understand the importance of the role colours can have in a piece of concept art. They can represent so much and point out important elements of the art.brown(L01):  I created this ‘brown’ mood board because my first murder scene is set on a construction site. The scene is dirty and cold. I imagine a cloudy and ‘lifeless’ day and a dark earthy ground. The little tints of reds and yellows are a nice touch to this scene. The mood board will let me understand what colours work together and to create an atmosphere.

blue-and-re(L01): I decided to make a second mood board (for the same piece) to explore, instead, the blue and red tones of the scene. The murder tent is blue and white – its a gentle colour palette that represents the sadness of the murder and the eerie atmosphere of death. The red is also important to the scene. The red will be the puddle of blood (and should be the focus point in the murder scene). The hints of bright red contrast to the blue. I want the scene to feel mysterious and strange, especially since this is the first murder of the series. I feel this colour palette has a thriller, crime feel to it – the dark shadows make it feel dark.


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