People and Music

I am going to create my character from the music that is created for me. I wanted to collect some films/ music that shares this idea – of creating a music for the character.

(LO1): This piece of music is called ‘Pocahontas (Instrumental).’ It is the piece of music that introduces Pocahontas to the Disney animation. The short piece is created to give the feel of the character to the audience. We can tell that she is adventurous and free-spirited from the music (as well as the visuals.)

(L01): In this scene from The Holiday, a music composer creates two songs for the characters in the film (his interpretation of the two people). The first piece is written for a man with a lot of gumption.The keys have a lot of attitude. The second piece is written for Kate Winslet’s character, which is a soft and caring piece of music (just like the character), he expresses: ‘Iris if you were melody, I used only good notes.’ She is a good character and shows how he sees her as a caring person.

(LO1): Although this is not a person. This music denotes the shire and the happy content homeland where the hobbits live. This piece of music recurs throughout the film with the hobbit characters as it is apart of who they are and their sheltered lives.

(LO1): This pieces of music is from the film: Memoirs of a Geisha. This is the theme music for the lead character (after she gets her new name when becoming a Geisha) – She transform from a poor house servant (Chiyo) to a young Geisha (Sayuri). The music captures the new character, she has transformed into this mysterious creature, a beautiful and admired women. The music also captures the sadness of the character and the culture (sound of Japan).

(LO1): This song was not created for Billy Elliot however it works really well in this scene for representing how he feels and the character he truly is. He is expressing his love for dance and the anger he feels – feeling trapped.

(LO1): This scene shows the music representing her determination and hope for the future – she survived and will continue. Epic music score reflects this epic film.



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