Creating the Character

Creating a character - Sheet1

Character for me is one of the most important elements to any story.

Now I think about it, a person has so many different characters depending on where they are or how they are feeling. I’m going to act differently with a stranger than with a close friend. Its understanding all the different sides of a character –

frodo from lord of the rings had a burden that was always on his mind yet this isn’t who he is – he wanted grand adventurous like bilbo but his own adventure was full of darkness and pain. He made it through till the end because of his character though – he underneath it all was determined to get to the end even though it was killing him.

hunchback, deformed was sheltered, followed his master , obedient and shy but he was also courageous, adventurous, and protective.

pocahontas was mature, free spirited, adventoureous and strong but she was also loyal, open minded, angry, sense of duty to her land.

dulcinea was a prositute, angry, fiesty, numb but she was strong, and realised she was worth more, a women, kind and caring

these characters developed… because of there experiences. and because of how they have grown.

for instance



WHAT THEY ARE: ugly, deformed and a outcast

Because of this: shy, obedient, scared, lonely

goal: be loved

CATALYST: Esmeralda seeing him as a person not what he is… Monster that is his master.

WHO THEY ARE: gentle, kind, powerful, courageous and caring

A Sign of who they are: caring for the bird

Image result for hunchback disney


What they are: ring bearer, only hope / hobbit

because of this: pain, dark, troubled, negative, scared / small, vulnerable, happy, homesick

goal: destroy the ring


WHO THEY REALLY ARE: kind, brave, determined, strong, duty, happy, loves the shire, adventure, curious, calm

a sign of who they are: Volunteering to take the ring / friendships and kindness to new aqaintessess – not killing smeagle

Related image


WHAT THEY ARE: unloved child

because of this: seen as not important, powerless, reads to escape reality, independent, adaptable, sad

goal: go to school

CATALYST: POWERS caused by headteacher / parents

who they really are: Intelligent, brave, moral, stands up against danger, confident, bold, unique, independent

change: the power to actively stand against and get herself into a loving home where she can be loved. Happy at the end.

a sign of who they are: getting the doll for miss honey

Image result for matilda


what they are: child moving

because of this: sad, whiny, moany, no survival skills, dependant

catalyst: being alone in strange suroroundings / saving parents

who they actually are: strong, beautiful, determined, courageous, moral, will help a friend or stranger, honest

goal:return home

change: independent and ready to move (embrace change?)

a sign of who they are: not eating the food, looking around, crying, returning the gold charm, opening the door for no face

Image result for chihiro


WHAT THEY ARE: Prostitute

because of this: angry, strong, feisty, numb, no trust, no respect for herself, saw herself as dirt, on guard

CATALYST: Seen as a lady not a prostitute

who they really are: vulnerable, weak, tired, accepted life, kind, caring, morals, surviving, gentle, soft, unloved

change: saw herself as a lady by the end

a sign of who they are: helping the enemy with their wounds

Image result for aldonza man of la mancha sophia loren

My Character

WHAT THEY ARE: 16 year old girl (mature)

because of this: emotional, naive, inexperienced, exaggerator, innocent, opinionated

Who they really are: intelligent, logical, kind, calm, gentle, determined, protective

a sign of this: helping a tadpole, intelligent maneuvers, staying calm,

change: at the start she is panicked, silly mistakes, protective, angered – gentle character, calm (her true nature.)

goal: return to safety and her normal size

catalyst: no escape

deciding who she

My Character

WHAT THEY ARE: shrunken in water

because of this: panick, fear, doubt, emotional, determined,

who they really are: caring, calm, kind, soft, mature, opinionated, fierce, won’t give up – will keep trying.

skills: intelligent, logical, protective (THINKER)

goal: return to safety / normal size

sign of who she is: guilt, wanting to help others, gentle across the water

change: tougher / calmer


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