Collaborating with Victoria

(LO5:) Me and Victoria have worked quite a lot together through our projects. We worked separately but because we live together we collaborated ideas and helped one another to develop little details and etc. For example she would help me brainstorm or help me to solve a problem that was too much of issue for me to solve. We have meetings in the mornings to make sure we have a clear understanding of what we were doing with our days. It helps us to stay focused on those tasks – we also would discuss the work we had made the day before to keep on track. Although we worked separately on our own projects we both helped one another and collaborated minds if anyone of us needed it.



Character Designing

(LO5:) Aside from offering advice, ideas and feedback, we also decided to swap some concept art for one another. It was a nice break from our own work and to get on board each others project creatively.

17858307_10155854489098265_1491277586_o (1)

My snail designs for Victoria

(LO5:) I created a snail character for Victoria’s animation. I wanted to create a simple character for her because she will be animating multiple creatures and especially in this scene there will be many snails together. I added moss on this particular snail to give him a earth feel and the feeling of dressing up and being apart of the parade.


My sketches for the snail

(LO5:) I first created this very rough sketches and showed them to Victoria for her to pick her favourite for a final piece of concept from (however she is still going to use them all in her work.) She explained which ones were her favourite and why and I try to in cooperate this into the final piece of concept character design.


(LO5:) I created this piece of concept art for Victoria’s At night time animation. Victoria wanted help exploring the colour script of night time. I tried to test myself doing this piece – It was made in 30 minutes as I want to improve the time I take to create concept art. It was fun and more freeing to be loose with the lines and colour. I am happy with the atmosphere that has been created in this piece. I feel that the composition could have been improved but I like the sense of depth created with that snail.

(LO5:) Above is another piece of concept art that I created for Victoria – I created this in 15 minutes; It’s a rough piece to play with a shot that she was working on and trying to work out the action of this scene. It also reminds me of the badger turning back to look at the young girl (who is a part of this story.) I love the sketchy feel of this piece, I used watercolour as Victoria also likes this traditional look.

Victoria’s design for me


Victoria’s Character design (for my project)

(LO5:) I had already created some character designs for the fish but felt they needed another perspective and I know Victoria has a unique style.  I wanted a fish character design with a lot of personality. I asked her to create a design of the brown trout, which is a common fish found in the chalk streams. I was so happy with her work. I explained that I wanted the fish in my animation to be like large slow moving creatures and I feel she captured this well.




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