Collaboration with Music

Hey Steve,

My name is Alice Geary, I’m a third year animation student looking for some help (my tutor, Dan emailed you recently about help for my FMP). I wanted to send this email to give you some more details on the project and what I am after from one of your Music students.

I want to use the piece of music, to create a character and narrative for a 2D piece of animation. *It will NOT be a dance piece or a music video, but the music will play overhead to drive the character in the chosen narrative / shots. The music will create the narrative and use it to bring my character to life. Essentially the music will determine who the character is. You can make it lively or slow, sad or just play about and experiment.

I need a 40 – 60 second piece of music.

The student will have creative freedom to make a piece of music (which will drive the rest of the animation) – I do want the music to work for animation so needs to be an instrumental piece (have good pacing, using instruments). – but I’m happy to see what happens – The music can be creative and change throughout the melody (no lyrics just sound 🙂

So they may be creative and free. I will make a character from the music they have created. And then the animation will begin :)!

Ideally I would need this as soon as possible (in a week or so if possible) we can discuss this too. This is a fun change and have the opportunity to have some animation for their show-reel that their music helped to create!  

Thank you so much for reading this and I would be so grateful for the anyone to help me,

Alice Geary



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