Disney’s Silly Symphonys

(LO1:) I was reading the Illusion of Life today and they spoke a bit about animating to a beat. They referred to the Three little pig (1933) silly symphonies that Disney created. It reminded me of these animations which use music to stay playful and build up a character.

(LO1:) This Silly symphony features underwater – it’s useful to watch and see how this style of animation interacts with the music – it’s bouncy and playful with a lot of energy. I like the movement of the underwater creatures and their little personalities. The mermaids are slowly and beautiful creatures that float around. The music is important to these pieces, the animation would not as well without it – it is apart of the characters and atmosphere.

(LO1:) The Goddess of Spring in the beginning of this animation moves in a very ‘art deco’ way. She is so expressive and magical. The characters are very exaggerated and their movements are smooth and dance-like. I especially like their hand movements which are very satisfying to watch – they are so expressive and the animation is very fluid.  I wanted to look at this short because of this character animation. I like how the music represents the characters and how the animation reflects the tones of the music. The devil for instance declares: ‘You must spend half the year down here,’ (7:25) in a deep voice as he points down. She then lifts her hand high and says: ‘To this I swear,’ in a high pitched voice. The contrast is clever and the music works well in conveying who the characters are.

(LO1:) Above is another silly symphony. I like this Cinderella scene (1:30) and how the music interacts with the confident gingerbread man as he decorates the sad girl who wants to be in the parade. The music is sad and slow until he starts dancing. The animation matches each beat and it re-enforces the character and his ‘cool’ ways.


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