(LO2:) This is my final animatic, I used the images from my storyboard to save time, I had to spend time redesigning the story over Easter, and I needed to start animating soon. Therefore I used my storyboard. I am happy with my final story as it has less action than my first draft. It’s slow paced – we immediately meet the character – without time to see the surroundings. I did this on purpose so we are as disorientated as the character. We meet our character who will drive the rest of this short story. (L05:) I received feedback from Dan on this animatic he mentioned that some of the shots were flat and could use more depth. I have explore alternatives for a few of the first shots.


(LO2:) This is my second draft animatic. It was very rough hand drawn pictures that I scanned in to play about with and explore different layouts / placement for this story. This is just an animatic showing the story moments and initial ideas. I will now move on to creating the final animatic.

(LO2:) After creating my many thumbnails I decided to choose my favourite moments or favourite ideas and create a rough draft animatic – this animatic has been created with these thumbnails. I normally always create a rough animatic this way – by first pinning down the story moments and seeing if they work – and especially in this case, if they work with the music I will then move onto finalizing the shots and etc.

(L06:) However, after presenting this rough animatic during formative and gaining feedback from Dan about that there doesn’t need to be so much action – or a backstory at the beginning. I already agreed with this, I feel that currently there is not as much time to explore the character, particularly at the end when she shrinks. There is no time to take in how she acts. I will have to re-think this story.


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