Character designs



(LO2:) My character has a very strange nose – for this reason I felt it was important to understand the entire face from different perspectives. I created this turn around to give me a better understanding of my character – however I have also had the chance to see a three-dimensional version (an animation principle) of her.   turn around

(LO2:) My character is aged between 14-15 years old. I wanted her to still have this childish nature about her – and at the same time have a maturity in her, that a child does not. Especially in the middle section the music is serious and determined that I felt it suited an older individual. I wanted her design to be simple (as it will help when it comes to animating her) but also so that the acting will be a large part of guiding the audience into understand who she is. Her hair will be wet throughout the animation. She is shorter and has an athletic build – strong stance (the music is strong and sturdy in the middle so I wanted this to be captured in her appearance.)  character_02

(LO2:) I created this pose sheet to experiment and try to capture the characteristic of my character. I used the photographs below as reference to improve my poses and think about the expressions more. I feel that they were successful in capturing different emotions and being playful with the character’s movements. I wanted to create a professional character sheet, like those in industry, although this is rather sketchy I like the looseness and feel happy with the outcome – If I had more time I would like to clean these up and use colour to make a really nice piece. Overall these pieces will help me when animating to think about the blocking.

(LO1:) I photographed my sister (in stripe) and she me (in red), to gather some pose references and understand how the character would act. (LO2:) These photographs acted as a way for me to start imagining how my character will interact with her surroundings, in particular on the lily pad. My character is very kind but can stand up for her self and be opinionated. She has a mature aura but can still be naive and over estimate herself. In this exercise I took lots of pictures, and picking out the ones that captured the character was important and helpful. (L05:) It also let collaborate and discuss ideas with Victoria.


(LO2:) These head shots show some of my character expressions. It is important to work out how a character shows emotions and face moves with each new reaction – even in industry head shots are a way of keeping the work uniform and showings how each character looks. This sheet has helped me explore the subtle differences and developing the face more while trying to keep the character consistent.


(LO2:) Here is another set of character head shots. These were more experimental – I wanted to play with angles and different changes in emotions. I’m really happy with most of these as they conveyed a lot of expression. My character is gentle soul so they soft expressions I feel represent her well – she is also determined and sincere so the shots looking straight on work well.


(LO2:) The above image is another pose sheet, trying to explore my character and experiment with her. I have also been testing colours for her clothes and seeing what works best. I want her clothes to be as simple as possible so the animation can really show who she is. The first pose may be a bit too mature for a 14-15 year old. But I do like how direct it is. The second pose is gentle which is also nice.  I’ve also experimented with making her clothes and her more muddy from crawling on the lily pads.

face_03(L02:) This sheet I created to understand the features of my character. She has a strange nose – so I wanted to do this repeating exercise to teach myself to make the character look as uniform as possible – which is important to when I come to animate her. I have a star next to my favourite, some of them completely failed but this helps me to identify what I do not like / does not work which is very important.


(LO2:) This is a page of experimentation. I wanted to learn what the profile of my character would like (especially with her pointed nose.) I used reference online of the female nose to understand the structure of the nose – but I created this profile myself. I have starred the ones that were successful and captured the character I wanted. Again the failed attempts has enabled me to recognize the issues and have helped me to succeed in selecting my final profile.


(LO2:) The pictures on the left were the first sketches I made in my sketchbook of my early character. I then created these head shots on Photoshop – as you can tell they all look slightly different, this is because I wanted to understand the facial perspectives of this character. What the head shape would be like, where the eyes would sit and etc. It was a great way to experiment and work out which proportions worked the best. I liked seeing the different looks change the feel of the character (just by changing her features slightly.) My favourite of these is the first or second faces. They look determined and soft.faceexpo

(LO2:) This page has a mixture of sketches of my character, all from different angles. They are very sketchy since I was still working out how the character would look from the different angles. It was nice to be playful and work quickly as I could capture the gesture of each image (more free flowing and lively). This sheet is important in the evolution of my character as it let me work out what worked and what failed and how I can improve these issues too.

template(LO2:) This sheet was created for my formative and was one of the first full body sketches of my character. (LO5/LO6:) Here she was in her early twenties late teens, however after receiving feedback (which I agreed with) we decided she should be younger as the music felt more magical. My tutors thought a child, but I still felt like the music was maturer and more serious at parts (as I have studied the music intensely) I decided to make her a young girl moving on from childhood aged between 14-15 years old. This way she would still be young and childish still. (LO2:) The body still suits this ages as I based it on an athletic figure which was slight. The character, you can tell still derives from this early version.


final full body


(LO2:) This drawing is not my favourite – although I wanted to include it because it one of the first drawings I made with the mud all over her and with colour. I’m not happy with the head or body (because it doesn’t look like the character I want to make) but I do feel she captures a very kind / soft character – which is what I want to be able to do with my animation.

(LO2:) I brought some clay to make a 3D bust of my character design. I decided to do this because I was having trouble imagining the different angles of the face. The character I created was very flat on but I wanted to be able to turn and have a convincing face. It has certainly helped me, because I can now turn the face to the side to see the angles of her. It took around 8 hours to make and I hand sculptured it from a block of clay. In industry they often have these 3D models of their character so the animators can turn and understand how the solid shape looks to make their own work more three-Dimensional.

(LO2:) I also thought that this could make a good item to bring to the degree show to put on my table so people can interact with my character. I enjoyed working on this sculpture since it let me design as I went along and be more creative – it was challenging because I had to work in a 3D world but it was fun not to work on a computer.

6(LO2:) This page and the following I created to explore as many different looks for the character as possible. I do this so I can push myself to explore different routes and shapes I wouldn’t if I didn’t do this exercise. And also to throw away bad versions – I’m not happy with most of these drawings above but they are apart of my process, I will then pick elements or ones that I like and develop those.

8(LO2:) On the page to the left (above) I use a creative technique to try an explore the shape and free myself, – I draw shapes and then add features after. This way I can play with proportions. I decided for this project that I wanted to create a different weird looking character so I have to turn the ugly into the pretty.

7(LO2:) I created some more heads here. On the right I looked up human faces to help me experiment with real people – which enabled me to convey more emotions and different features. There is a large range of heads here, I have starred my favourite.

10(LO2:)  These two sketchbook pages I created from the other designs that I have created previously. I picked my favourite characters and re-draw them here and developed them with more details such as hair and expressions.  I am closer to deciding the final character. I have stars next to my favourite.

(LO2:) On this sheet I have developed two different heads and played with proportions, headshapes and hair to develop a character that I am happy with. My favourite of this sheet is the top few characters. The hollow eyes remind me of the serious music and gentle pacing. The character reminds me of the music – I decided to pick this character.


(LO2:) I sketched out some of my favourite headshots digitally to gain more understanding of how they would look. I really was just developing different ideas and looks in helping decide my final character.


(LO2:) Above are my top heads / characters. I asked for feedback from family and friends to make my decision, but in the end I went with number 1, as my personal favourite – I had a connection with the face and the music together.


(LO2:) More exploration into my favourite characters. The best way for me to understand how the character would look is to experiment with the different angles and expressions a character could make , to see if they would work in the final animation.


(LO2:) This is an early development of my final character that I chose. I was not happy with these sketches since in the end they were very rough and more sketchy / playful a way to explore what worked and what didn’t.


(LO2:) When trying to experiment with different body types for my character I watched a video (for my swimming reference) and one of these women had a very atheltic boy type which was not curvy but had a slight curve – I felt that this was a nice shape for a girl (14-15 years old). I’ve never created a athletic shape and it seemed to match the sturdy music too.

18(LO2:) I wanted to create a character that was original or different to my usual drawings – therefore I created this sheet to explore the different body-shapes of a women. There are many ideas and weird look characters – It was fun to explore these shapes and push the female body.

23(LO2:) Above I have explored some of my favourite bodies and I have starred my favourite of this sheet. I liked the fluid and curvy look. The body looking fluid and stylized than realistic. I hope to explore this further in my later character designs.


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