Chosen Idea


(LO2:) Throughout my idea exploration stage I had several ideas that focused around water. I felt that the music reminded me of the water – especially the end section which has a re-surface sound. The music is slow paced, mysterious and feels like a serious piece – it changes throughout and so reminds me of the unpredictable water.

Therefore my final idea for my animation was loosely based on The Water – Babies by Charles Kingsley (written in 1863), the original story is a moral-fable that looks into the poor and morality. However, the particular element of this story that I took inspiration from was the idea of a person falling into water and shrinking (in the story turning into a water baby) and exploring the underwater world. Below is a scene from the 1978 film that I like.

My final idea: my story focuses on a girl who shrinks after trying to pass a chalk stream. She shrinks in the water and encounters the creatures (an eel, tadpoles and or fish). A girl running away from someone or something comes to a stream which she cannot cross and so falls / jumps in – when she enters the water she shrinks and the creatures of the underworld meet her as she must escape. – For me the character is more important in this piece than the story so I want the character to be driven by the music (in my original brief) I decided to add a story to have a setting for this character.

(LO1:) I used to love The Water Babies (1978) film as a child. This animated film was based on the book by Charles Kingsley. One of the ideas I liked was creating a similar idea and remaking when the main character jumps into the river and meets the creatures underneath the water. Instead I wanted to use a female and set it in a more modern time. I would love to explore swimming and the different look of the underwater would. It feels as though it would fit in with the music which is magical and mysterious.

Image result for the water babies

The Water-Babies (source)

The Water-Babies (source)

I really like this illustration created by Jessie Willcox Smith, which features a water baby sitting on ivy looking up at the moon. The atmosphere and colours are beautiful. I like how the child is hidden in these plants.

The Water Babies. Jessie Willcox Smith.:

The Water-Babies (source)

This illustration shows the size and the dangers of such large fish. What obstacles could face my character below the water.

Image result for the water babies book

The Water-Babies (source)


The Water babies (source)

The mages above I collected, they are illustrations and book covers for this book, The Water-babies. I feel that they may give me some first few ideas to get the ball rolling on how my character could interact with the scene and what is underneath this water.


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