Environment Studies


(LO2:) Above are a selection of flowers that grow in water. I wanted to experiment with the design of the flower. How complicated and the shape. I decided to go with a rounder petal flower that will be used to protect the main character from the eel. I wanted the flower to look pathetic compared to the giant eel. Rounder shapes create a friendlier or safer feeling.


(LO2:) Above is the final look of my tadpole eggs. In my previous research the eggs were a lot more 3-d looking however I like this flatter look, with a cluster of the eggs overlapping making the eggs look more crowded and squished together.


(LO2:) This is a page of experimentation with the tadpole eggs – these eggs outer case is a clear jelly like sphere so I wanted to explore how I could create this look for my final animation. My favourite of this sheet is the top left corner – I used a natural brush that looks like a brush stroke. It has the feel and texture but and captures the different tones of the eggs.


(LO2:) Above is a study I made from my primary research, I photographed a pond with lots of variety of lily pads and I wanted to explore and pick one that my character would be set on. This research actually helped me to understand how to draw water on the lily pad. I spent the day testing and experimenting what worked best. I don’t intend my animation to look so photo-realistic, this was a test for me to discover what worked.  I like the mixture of brushes I have used to five the lily pad roughness and depth.hjhj

(L02:) These lily pads are less realistic – I wanted to create a hand drawn look, so the shapes are not perfect and wobbly. I decided to use watercolour brushes and acrylic brushes to give them more texture and flaws. I really like the holes and rips in the lily pads as it gives that detail and charm. Playing with the colours, these lily pads have a variety of colours which I could easily in cooperate into my chosen colour script.


(LO2:) These plants above are plants known to grow in or near a water. Understanding the details of my environment is important in creating this large world my character will be apart of. I wanted to research into plants that are found in chalk streams and play with how I could draw them. Drawing these plants let me experiment with how I can approach the style when I come to animate, and identify the brushes I use to create these sketches.  I am happy with the result, the original sketches were quite rough, however adding colour create depth and let me consider style. I don’t think that my backgrounds will be so detailed but it was a great way to understand a different approach.


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