Final Music

I received four different pieces of music from Eliza Daly (my music student that I collaborated with). The piece that I chose was slow paced but it was the one I connected to the most. It was not what I expected at all but it was really nice to have a starting point completely out of my comfort zone – I had to be creative and think logically about the music and how to start determining the character and story.

Sound Mood-board

moodboard Sound

(LO2:) After listening to the music a few times I wanted another way for me to express the mood of the music that I had been given. I created this mood board of imagery that I felt listening to the music. (LO1:) I saved images from Pinterest into a board and selected my favourite here. (LO2:) This mood-board has let me start to develop and think about where the story is going and who the character is. I feel that mood-board can give you an idea of the music and the emotion of it – the music is slow paced, mysterious, magical, sturdy, strong and changing.


(LO2:) I wanted to understand the journey of the music. To do this I created these diagrams above to reflect the type of noise and the feeling through shapes and hard angles. The start of the music is softer and slower paced although it goes through a range of tones it stays quite similar, until 00:21 when drumming starts and we have this sturdy, strong determined part of the music – the end of the music is more magical and changes in lots of directions. I did this exercise a few times. Three times listening to the music, One time with my eyes closed and the last time I asked Victoria to create a diagram to compare.


(LO2:) Here is a close up of the diagram I created with my eyes closed. I feel this one is one of my best and shows the journey well. The reason I did this was to get a better understanding of the music and know it well – but also when I come to creating a story this path can help me decide the different obstacles and etc. As well as thinking about the character an the different sides to her personality.


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