Idea Generation

(LO2:) Contacting music to create the piece of music that my character and story will be based of. My idea generation had to wait until the music was complete. I contacted a student in the first week back. In one week a first draft was created however Eliza mentioned that she was also going to make three more pieces over the next week. I decided to wait until then in order to have a greater choice to choose from. After I decided that week we tweaked the music slightly and the final music was complete. For each piece of music I explored ideas in order to help me make the final decision.
Scan_20170216 (43)
(LO2:) This was the spider diagram that I created for the third piece of music that I received from Eliza. And it was the music that I was going to choose later on. I have circled my favourite from this diagram. One of the best ways that I generate ideas are spider diagrams because I can throw away ideas and explore more and more. I listened to the music and gathered ideas as well as asking family of what they felt from the music.  A lot of these ideas focus around water. 
(LO2:) As well as the spider diagrams I created these little thumbnail boards for each of the three pieces of the music. The writing inside the boxes are adjectives that I felt from the music. The third piece of music has words like: ‘mechanical, drum, wise, warrior, fight, cunning and etc..’ this piece was my chosen music – however it was edited and changed slightly. I accompanied the words I felt from the music with small thumbnail ideas or ‘pictures’ I got from the music – they were random and very experimental ideas. 


(LO2:) After creating a mixture of ideas for this piece of music I felt that I wanted to explore some of these ideas further so I picked my favourite to determine the story moments and plot and where my character would be set. I have coloured the writing into similar ideas, for instance all the ideas in green focus around being underwater (as I felt the music reminded me of water so much.) I eventually crossed of all the ones that didn’t work. I also create mood-boards for each idea to start collecting imagery associated with the music, begin this story development.

Idea 1: Gardenergarderner

(LO2:) I created mood-boards for each of my ideas – Above I have combined these 4 mood-boards for apply to the next 3 ideas. These ideas revolved around a gardener and her garden. It was a setting that I thought I could be creative with and explore with the music well.


(LO2:) For all of these idea pages (above and below) I have written down the different parts of the plots. Exposition, conflict, rising action, the climax, falling action and resolution to create a well rounded plot that had interest and struggle. Above is about a character that hates weeds and does everything they can to destroy them however by the end she embraces the ugly and lets the weeds grown wild.  (these are all collected images)4

(LO2:) This story is similar to the story above, however the weeds start to overgrow and it’s more like a battle of the gardener trying to pull them all out, every time she removes one more and more grow. In the end she lies down and watching them grow around her and gives in.


(LO2:) Lastly this story was going to give more life to the plants and they would actually be alive. The weeds would be the villains – they were suffocating the plants in the garden. The gardener had to save them all. I like the ending of the story, one dandelion seed flies and lands on the ground – a spooky ending. I was worried about the amount of time it would take to animate all the flowers and weeds of this shot.

Idea 2 – Underwater

(LO2:) Listening to the music I had the sense of being underwater… the mystery and the feeling of being in water I felt strongly about. The following ideas center around this idea.6

(LO2:) In this idea a character is seen running away from something dangerous into a river and hiding in the river holding there breath. We never see what they are hiding from – its just a simple story of this moment in time. 
(LO2:) This idea focuses around a character crossing over a bridge but notices something in the water that they want to investigate, when they go to look it turns out to be an eel that gets her covered in water and wet. Another simple story which captures the mystery behind the music. 
(LO2:) This idea focuses around a character that is running away from something they have done and crossing a river, as they enter they shrink and we encounter the large and small creatures below. This idea reminded me of The Water-babies by Charles Kingsley – it would be a nice idea to take inspiration from this story. 

Idea 4 – Sister’s argument


(LO2:) This story I thought could be a funny idea, in the middle of a typical bickering and arguing between a pair a sisters, a strange creature / thing appears out of nowhere before them, they go fro arguing to protecting one another / sacrificing one another to the beast. When it disappears they both end up laughing.

Idea 5 – seeing things

(LO2:) This story revolves around a strange women who is nosy and weird, patiently waiting for something to happen outside. When she sees hands touching her hedge she marches outside, it turns out to be a crow. This idea has potential for pacing and suspense.
(LO2:) Rock creatures come to life on the beach. A young girl goes onto the beach to paint or read and suddenly the large rocks because creatures, when they see her they turn back to stone. I was worried about the scale of this idea but it was a simple idea.
 (LO2:) Another story focused on water, however this one is about a women who thinks she sees a person in the water among large rolling waves. She goes out to save them but it turns out to be no one but a glove (this actually was an experience that I saw once – a man swam far out to sea but it ended up being a rubber glove!) This was not my favourite idea but it had that sense of danger and strength to it. 
(LO2:) One of the last ideas that I created was a character stuck indoors on a hot sticky summers day. The idea of being sluggish and lazy – like when it was school holidays and you just lay about next to the mechanical fan. The girl in this story hears a noise outsides when she investigates its a large creature that spits water at her.
(LO2:) After my idea generation slideshow, I choose my top three ideas and explored them with these very rough thumbnail pages (above). I wanted to get a sense of the story and imagery that attached itself to the music. Exploring if the idea worked and how much room the idea had to grow.
(Thrown away ideas – first draft music)
Scan_20170328 (3)
(LO2:) Aside from these three pieces, Eliza actual made me another piece at the begining however we ended up deciding this wasn’t right, mostly as the music was longer than what I wanted and would have meant another month animating. Before deciding not to go with this piece I created two pages of experimentation. Again writing down the words that I felt, the feelings from the music (which was very intense) – I also wrote small ideas down and characters that I got from this piece such  as a ‘sad soul, proud and steady’, and ‘leader, skillful, forceful’ and ‘determined and strong warrior’ and etc.. I then added scenarios such as ‘climbing a mountain’. 
Scan_20170328 (5)
(LO2:) Here are some rough sketches that I created from the very first draft music. I was felt with a dramatic and intense scenario such as a raging sea, deadly mountain, or death.. it was a dramatic piece that was very morbid. Although I didn’t use any of these ideas it was important and helpful to do an exercise like this because it helped me later on.

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