Primary Research (Outside studies)

Hall Place (Chalk Stream)


Scan_20170118 (8)

(LO1:) At the start of this project I went to a local heritage site where a chalk stream runs through (Hall Place), on this day I went to draw the surroundings but ended up with lots of sketches and studies of the local wildlife, such as these geese and ducks. There were flocks of these wonderful birds and so we sketched out and understood these creatures. Above is a sketchbook page of this day, it was wonderful to begin drawing animals and understanding the different characteristics that they all possess. Animals move and act differently than humans and it was fascinating just to watch.

Scan_20170118 (7)

(LO1:) Above is another sketchbook page that I sketched quick gesture drawings of the moving geese and some small thumbnails of the surroundings. It was lovely to get out and draw from life. It was a good idea generation day to see the different approach to coming up with a story, I didn’t know at the time but I would later set my story around a chalk stream – I first saw at Hall place.

Somerset stream

Lily pads and Tadpoles (Walmer Castle, Kent)


Fishing in Kent

Primary research has helped me explore nature and understand more details tto inspire new ideas.


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