Concept Research – Chalk Streams

My story is based loosely on The Water babies and focuses around a girl that has shrunk in the ‘magical waters’. On doing research into the streams of England, I decided to set my story on the chalk streams found throughout England.

English Chalkstreams: Research

(LO1:) Above is a map which shows where in England these chalk streams can be found. As I am located in Kent I hope to set the story here – I hope to visit local chalk streams to gain more research. England is a big part of my inspiration and I hope to carry it through into my animation.

14(L01:) I created this spider diagram above, of the different plants and wildlife that are found in the chalk streams. The most common species found around or in the water are the: Damselfly, desmoulin whorl snail, white-clawed crayfish, trout and for the plants: starwort, watercrowfoot, water cress and water parsnip. However, there are many, many more which live in the fresh clear waters. For me, I personally enjoyed learning and researching into the chalk streams, as it gave me inspiration and ideas for my narrative – and let me gain more knowledge on a new topic.

plants(LO1:) I created this moodboard to get a closer look at some of these aquatic plants that grow in or near chalk streams. The creation of this moodboard was helpful to look at plants I could include in my environmental designs. The range of different plants is incredible and shows the magic of the water (what I am trying to capture.)

wildlife moodboard(LO1:)I made this second moodboard to gather some images of the wildlife living in the chalk streams. It was a nice way to compare and explore the possible characters that I could include within my own animation. In addition, how each of these animals could possibly act. Are they kind, angry, optimistic, rude or shy? I’d like to think about all of these elements when if I pick any of these creatures in my work.

Collected (sourced) Photographs of  Chalk Streams

(LO1:) The following images I collected because they were inspiring or captured something that I liked of the chalk stream. I hope to in return be able to capture elements of some of these pictures in my animation.


(LO1:) I like this thick plant that sits underneath the clear water is large sections. The vibrant green and the texture are appealing.

River Test, Brown Trout, Chalkstream Fishing, Aardvark McLeod

clear waters (source)

(LO1:) What I like about this photograph is that we can see how crystal clear the water is. The fish appears so clear underneath – it feels as though their is no water. I like the green carpet of foliage underneath – so bright and pretty.

Image result for chalk streams in england

Brown Trout (source)

(LO1:) The brown trout are a common fish that live in the chalk streams. This photograph shows the beauty of the scales and skin of this fish.

(LO1:)I like how this picture is semi-submerged and we have both the top of the water and the glorious underwater. The colours underneath are so rich and bright. I especially love the little damselfly that is sitting on top unaware of the depths that this picture captures.

Split level landscape shot of water crowfoot ranunculus fluitan on a sunny day at the River Itchen, Hampshire, UK © Charlotte Sams / WWF-UK

Crowfoot – Charlotte Sams/WWF-UK


(LO1:) Crowfoot is a very common plant that lives within the water, it has green vine like stems that live at the top of the water, with fine brushes – on top are these pretty white flowers that feature. I like again this split between the surface so we can see the true glory of this plant.

(LO1:) Charlotte Sams a marine photographer (WWF/UK) captured these underwater images at one chalk stream and it’s incredible to see. It’s nice to see the rocks at the bottom and this wooden structure used by wildlife.

(LO1:) The small fish that live among the bottom of these plants nibbling at the Moss and dead leaves.

Underwater landscape capturing the reflections with water crowfoot flowers, ranunculus fluitans, at the River Itchen, Hampshire, UK © Charlotte Sams / WWF-UK

Charlotte Sams/ WWF-UK

(LO1:) The floor of this image is covered in this thick plant that is brushed by the current – creating a deep green environment. The reflection on the surface.

(LO1:) Another lovely photograph of the crowfeet from above the water – I like seeing the stems tangled underneath the water. My character could get caught among these plants (or hide from fish.)

Image result for chalk streams in england

Chalk stream (source)


(LO1:) Lastly I love this wide shot of the entire stream, with the small house in the distance which gives depth this photograph. It feels as though the shot is cut into three sections, the sky, surface and underwater.

(LO1:) These diagrams above and below show where the different plants grow in the water. There are species that remain near the water’s edge, or in the shallows, then there are plants that grow completely underneath or rooted underneath and float (such as lily pads) then there are floating species that roots drape down – and algae which sits on top.  weeds(LO1:) Understanding how plants root is important for me to research, especially since I want my animation to be above and below the water, I will need to know what my character could encounter and what types of plants live where.

(LO1:) I’ve been researching native plants on plant selling sites with give alot of information on the species.


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