Style boards


(LO1:) Here are three different mood boards I made from different artists. I like how organic they are and the rushed imperfect feel of them. They have character! I love how colourful they each are.

(LO2:) Aside from collecting the pieces of works that I admired above, I’ve researched into animated films that I have taken inspiration from for my own style for my animation. (LO1:) Song of the sea, and the Secret of Kells (Cartoon Saloon) have a unique style, they don’t shy away from creating flat on shots and distorting perspectives to create a 2D look – there staging and animation is stunning and this is what creates the illusion of depth and life.

This shot is very flat on, the house, floor, wall and even characters, however the use of negative space and this magnificent grey cloud bring depth and life to the shot.

I like how this shot has literally cut down straight below the earth to give a flat view of out characters – even though it’s flat the characters bring depth…

Image result for secret of kells

Impact shots, incredible backgrounds that give power to the characters and creates such a mood.

I like the simplicity of the staging – they keep it simple.

Princess Kaguya

Related image

Another style that I like is the film Princess Kaguya, where the art is quite sketchy and loose.  The style has a great rawness, which expresses tons of personality with the strokes. I also like the watercolour feel which is very familiar to Japanese paintings, this  also helps to capture the folklore aspect of the film.  I like the texture of traditional mediums, I would like to look into traditional brushes in Photoshop.

Image result for the tale of princess kaguya gif

Image result for princess kaguya gif

I like the way this scene has been animated, especially the quickness used. The roughness of the colouring is very effective,  how the colour bleeds past the lines. I would also like to make my animation to have this messy and loose appearance, as it adds alot more character. My lines are quite wobbly in my own drawing style, so incorporating this into my own work could give character like in this film.

Related image

In this shot the hands are not moving at all, the character is primarily driving the scene. The main focus is on the character, and I like that the hands don’t need to move for the scene to be successful. It is simple but effective.

Image result for the tale of princess kaguya gif

I like the realism of the Ghibli films. The animation captures reality well, it is less exaggerated and focuses on simple, ordinary actions. The interaction with the pigs does not effect the plot in anyway, but creates an atmosphere. I hope to be able to capture these unnecessary details that bring life into animation.

In this shot we are looking through the grass and foliage into this intimate scene. The scene also emphasises on nature which is a crucial theme in the main characters lives. The characters are part of the nature. I like how the characters look small in comparison to the large blades of grass which surround them. I would like to do something similar as this in my own work to create an interesting foreground.

I have already explained that I like the sketchy feel of this film, and the free-flowing animation. The character moves with alot of spirit and fluidity, which is helped by the lines which are not clean – a free drawing style that is not restricted by being clean lined.

Image result for princess kaguya gif

What I like about this shot is the simple animation, the hand only moves a little. It is slow-paced, beautiful scene. This shows the animation does not need to be full of action, but can be slow and graceful.

I like the pencil lines that are used for the outline, it has alot of texture, so when it animates the lines appear to be constantly moving.

Related image

Once again, I like the lack of movement in this shot. The animation is very simple, and yet the immense fear the character feels is very clear, and her expression dominates the scene. I like the watercolour appearance of the scene too. And we can see the outline moving give me more life to this shot.


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