Understanding my character


(LO1 /LO2:) I created a few of these mood-boards when creating my character (post below) this is my final one – I collected these images of people that captured an expression or existing character to take inspiration from for my own character (based on the music.) This mood board is the final imagery and shows some of the places where my character derives from. I want her to be mature but childish, she is 14-15 years old so still growing and learning, she has this innocence and naivety – childhood stubbornest too. Yet she is mature as she steps away from childhood. I want this character to be gentle and kind – I’ve never before made a very gentle and sweet character. She will however still have strength even if it is a softer kind she will stand up for herself and be protective. I want to explore all of this and let it drive my animation choices / story.

(LO1/ LO2:) The character’s that remind me of her softness is Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) she is sure of herself, pure and kind, Sybil (Downtown Abbey) her sweet nature (but she can still stand up with passion), Jane Bennet (softness) and even Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) mature and intelligent, Rose (Titanic) mature and childish together, with strength. And there are some photographs that captures expressions I would like my character to possess as well.

(LO5:) My character was originally going to be a bit older in her early twenties however feedback from Dan made me reflect on this agree that this was a lot older than the music. The music is mysterious and magical. He felt that the character should be a child – (LO2:) however having researched into the music the character I felt she was more complex and mature so I decided a good age was 14-15 years. A character that is progressing from a child to an adult and is still naive and learning and discovering the world. She is finding who she is from a child emotions to maturity. I think that this age group is better and explains the changing of the music and range of different characteristics she is developing her self. (LO1:) Above is a song by Judy Garland that explains this in-between age. Of course age is just a number though and her character is a large part of how she acts – but age is the reason behind some of her qualities too.


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