Project Management exercise

(LO5:) Something that is just as important as working hard and creating my work is looking after myself and making sure that I’m organised and my project management skills take care of my health. It was important for me this term to organise myself wiser, to make sure that my day is well balanced – e.g working hours, having at least a day off to recharge, exercise, breaking and sleeping 8 hours a night. I’m really at the stage where I want to get into a routine that I can use into my working life (if I work for myself especially.) This post is dedicated to my health and managing this with my project.

(LO5:) When I animate and draw a lot I often get a pain in my wrists – and especially towards the deadline this will hurt me quite a bit. I researched into wrist exercises that reduce this pain and stretch out the muscles in the hand. These techniques have helped reduce the pain considerably and got me away from my computer (my eyes away from the screen.)

Wake Up & Connect Workout Concentration - Full Body - Difficulty 4 - Suitable for Beginners:

Yoga / stretches (source)

(LO5:) Just like the hands, it’s important to stretch the body. I’ve been doing body stretches like the ones above in the morning and the evening because my day is spent sitting down at a desk or on a sofa working. To help with back pain, stretching helps strengthen the muscles and relieve pain. It’s also a fun way to start the day for 10 minutes, it prepares yourself for that work mode! Moving around and thinking about my physical health is important, sitting down for a long time is bad for you so yoga gets you moving.

(LO5:) I’ve also recently decided to meditate before the start of the day to focus on the task and to help with stress. It is a way to calm yourself and to stop thinking about all the things that need doing. Instead you can have 5-10 minutes of complete silence and thinking of nothing. Mediation has a lot of benefits including stress relief, lowers blood pressure, headaches, reduces anxiety and personally helps me feel more optimistic and ready for the day ahead.


(LO5:) I’ve come to realise being attached to certain ideas, not wanting to change them is silly and that letting go is the only way to be happy. Throwing the ideas away and adapting to what needs to be so you don’t feel consumed by regret or thinking you’ve made the wrong decision… in the word’s of Elsa, ‘let it go!’ The last few pieces of advice is planning! This tab has a lot of that already. I only feel on track when staying on top and not feeling overwhelmed, without this we can feel stressed and as a result stop the work from flowing – schedules, to do lists and notes to keep on top.


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