Invites to degree show

Invited people

For our degree show we had to invite different companies to attend. I decided to invite the companies that are located locally and I have interest in. Above you can see I have entered four different people / companies. My sister also uploaded a few names I am interested in.


I invited Manddy Wyckens, an art director and Designer who works at Studio A.K.A – I love her work and if anything it could be great to meet her and gain advice. Especially as she works at Studio A.K.A a company I am interested in – she could be a great contact.


I invited Lupus films – a company that have created some stunning 2D animated films over the last year including Ethel and Ernest and Going on a Bear Hunt. This is one of my favourite on the list.


Peter Dodd is a supervising animator at Studio Aka and the animation director on Ethel and Ernest (2016) – although I am not sure if he would come, I thought why not? He could give me advice and would be great to meet.


Lastly, I invited BEAKUS a small animation studio in London. I like a lot of their work they create and felt it would be great to meet and network with. And for them to see my work.


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