Story (creative writing work shop)

Crystal clear waters that are Icy cold to the touch, Goosebumps rise like sails – an airy breeze around my limbs. My hair filled with water heavy on my head like heavy armor, and Tangled in a heap all over my neck, in my eyes, in my ears and all over. Feeling of a heavy stone in my stomach in deep water. Vulnerable and unsure. The bright green carpet of moss and plantation that cover the surface of the water feels like wet cotton wool. I can hear the swimming of the water loud in my ears, trickling and rushing wild. The smell of plants and dirt and water all compressed into one. I accidentally taste of the purest water, fresh ice in the mouth, coldness on my lips and throat. The sun dances on my cold skin and warms me up, But my hands are busy waltzing with the water to stay afloat.

My hand strokes a carpet of brittle whiskers. The rough texture tickles my finger tips. Repeatedly stroking and comforting my carrier and the feeling of swirling excitement throughout my body, ready for the ride. The warm belly like a radiator slowly warming my legs on the breezy summer’s day. Tiny feet falling in and out of the solid stirrup. The feeling causes a moment of panic to hit my stomach. A slow burning ache from the position of my legs. But this is all forgotten as we walk, I’m tall above the world. Like a warrior of to battle. The uneven steps of the horse bouncing me from side to side like the waves of a stormy sea. The smells of earthy mud and sweet manure evades the air. Faded green grass trampled to a light yellow. The harsh echo sound of metal hitting rock.  The stiff faded leather wrapped tightly around my hand, me squeezing to hold on as we travel forward.


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