Close up hand and feet


(LO2:) I created this very quick test to show how I will animate the water flooding the Lily pad. I was worried that it would be difficult because it’s a water effect but from my previous concept art I figured just using this darker colour of green creates the illusion of water flooding – it’s quickly animated to show the speed of the water flood. I will use this to base my final animation water test.

(LO1:) I filmed my own feet with the same boots of my character. I used a wonky patio tile to try and capture the girl falling back after slipping on the edge of the lily pad. It took me a few tries to capture the right movement. The character in this scene is slowly moving away ‘from the eel’. I will use this reference a general idea of where the feet should be positioned – I’ll edit and give it more personality with inbetweens and exaggeration.

(LO1:) Hitchcock is well known for his focus on the hands. His characters often have close ups to the hands, which reveal intimate details about the scene. There is a lot of personality and character. We can get a sense of who these two characters are. The hands can reveal just as much expression as the face.


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