Reverse throw


(LO1:) You can see the arc that I have captured in this scene which is an animation principle, the arc is used to create a better flow and direction, and creates a more natural and realistic action. In this case it captures the throw and the impact of hitting a hard object. I feel like this scene is nice because we follow the arcs around the scene, our eyes directed towards the eel in the this movement.

(LO2) For this reverse shot, I had a flower thrown to the camera and the character falls backwards when her foot fall into the flooded lily pad. It was a difficult shot as it played on perspective, a fall, and multiple actions. I tried to get as much reference as possible above are two different pieces that helped me to create the final shot. I am throwing the umbrella as I fall back and also a shot with m foot falling down. I had a lack of space in where I could capture but this footage really helped me. I used the grids to make sure that I am working in perspective.

(LO1:) I really like this footage from Snowwhite, in where the character is in a strange and scary place. This reminds me of the middle section of my animation. Snow white is horrified and the different perspectives remind me of the work I want to create. It’s truly horroofying to watch, partly due to snowwhites reaction. She also falls in the middle part of this animation – so I wanted to understand the animation principle ‘weight’.


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