Project research tools

I have done a lot of research for this project and to manage all of this I have used several tools online.






Project Management exercise

(LO5:) Something that is just as important as working hard and creating my work is looking after myself and making sure that I’m organised and my project management skills take care of my health. It was important for me this term to organise myself wiser, to make sure that my day is well balanced – e.g working hours, having at least a day off to recharge, exercise, breaking and sleeping 8 hours a night. I’m really at the stage where I want to get into a routine that I can use into my working life (if I work for myself especially.) This post is dedicated to my health and managing this with my project.

(LO5:) When I animate and draw a lot I often get a pain in my wrists – and especially towards the deadline this will hurt me quite a bit. I researched into wrist exercises that reduce this pain and stretch out the muscles in the hand. These techniques have helped reduce the pain considerably and got me away from my computer (my eyes away from the screen.)

Wake Up & Connect Workout Concentration - Full Body - Difficulty 4 - Suitable for Beginners:

Yoga / stretches (source)

(LO5:) Just like the hands, it’s important to stretch the body. I’ve been doing body stretches like the ones above in the morning and the evening because my day is spent sitting down at a desk or on a sofa working. To help with back pain, stretching helps strengthen the muscles and relieve pain. It’s also a fun way to start the day for 10 minutes, it prepares yourself for that work mode! Moving around and thinking about my physical health is important, sitting down for a long time is bad for you so yoga gets you moving.

(LO5:) I’ve also recently decided to meditate before the start of the day to focus on the task and to help with stress. It is a way to calm yourself and to stop thinking about all the things that need doing. Instead you can have 5-10 minutes of complete silence and thinking of nothing. Mediation has a lot of benefits including stress relief, lowers blood pressure, headaches, reduces anxiety and personally helps me feel more optimistic and ready for the day ahead.


(LO5:) I’ve come to realise being attached to certain ideas, not wanting to change them is silly and that letting go is the only way to be happy. Throwing the ideas away and adapting to what needs to be so you don’t feel consumed by regret or thinking you’ve made the wrong decision… in the word’s of Elsa, ‘let it go!’ The last few pieces of advice is planning! This tab has a lot of that already. I only feel on track when staying on top and not feeling overwhelmed, without this we can feel stressed and as a result stop the work from flowing – schedules, to do lists and notes to keep on top.


FMP Feedback (one to one tutorials)

11/01/2017 – DAN

  • Dan pointed out the potential help and collaboration on Ryan’s or Shadid’s projects who both need help.
  • Contact one of them.
  • I need to contact a music person to create my music.
  • Dan sent a inital email to Steve Alexander (on help to recruite a music person for the project). I need to email Steve later tonight/tomorrow with more information on the project (and exactly what I’m looking for.)
  • We spoke about what type of music I imagined for my animation.
  • And think about the possible characters and if I have a preset one in mind. I suggested that I wanted to determine this completely from the music. Dan agrees. (I may research however and still think this over).
  • Research into animations and styles that I like.
  • How the music can play with the animation. Cannot start until I have music so need to gain music as soon as possible (especially if I need to make changes.)

18/01/2017 – DAN

Explained what I have done over the last week:

  1. Contacted and gained a music person
  2. Worked on doing concept art for a film student (for their FMP) – I made thumbnails and rough tests
  3. Contacted Shadid to do storyboards for his ‘fight’ animation scene. I have been doing sketches from fight scenes and researching into storyboarding.
  4. Gathering animations and music I like as research
  5. Gantt charts and schedules

Dan told me to think about the RnD project, I want to do. What is it I want to do? (something that can help my fmp). And also my bracketing. Pre-production, concept arts, layout (floor plan of the scene) storyboarding, character designs Or animation tests …

Or Dan suggested the lighting, texturing and cleanup stages as well for 2D. The colouring process.  I can think about this over during this time. I like the idea of pre-production since I am collaborating with a few people on this section and this could be my RnD project that helps inform my FMP. I also think animation tests might be good to.

We spoke about the camera angles being more important for 2D animation since I cannot change this during production – shortcuts can help me, avoiding full body shots to save time. Thinking about the 2D pipeline and how long I need for each section. (I’ve made gantt charts).

  • Email this feedback to dan and the blog. Make sure the tabs are in order. Putting the learning objective number throughout my blog writing.
  • Message Eliza Daly (Music person) on when I will exactly receive the music by.
  • I am collaborating with music for my project and collaborating with three students through their projects.
  • Write my story when I get the music (script).

8/02/2016 -DAN

I sent an email to Dan for feedback before the enhancement week:

What I have done since our last meeting:

  • Working on Shadid’s 3 minute script storyboarding. (Including research and thumbnailing) I have still to finish this off. It has taken longer than expected.

  • I’ve started to update my blog but I still haven’t finished with it, but plan to have it fully up to date by over enhancement week :

  • Eliza, the music student I am collaborating with, created a piece of music that was longer than I wanted – but she also made three shorter pieces so I was able to pick my favourite piece. The ending however was looped to the start so we are just working on a better climax for the piece. She hopes to get that to me today (we communicate very regularly so I have no worries there.)

  • Working on film student’s concepts

  • I have created moodboards for the several ideas that I have got from listening to the music.

  • Developing the character from the sounds – she is going to be female.

  • I’m finalising the ideas

  • For my own project I have been researching and I am exploring many outcomes (making visual moodboards) for the piece of music. The music like you said was a lot different than I pictured! But it’s interesting to push myself through the challenge. I’m a little behind because I am working on Shadid’s and one other film student for their pre-production. However, by tomorrow I will have finished and will focus on making my own storyboarding and character designs over enhancement week.

Live Briefs:

  • I’m interested in the Beano character re-design

  • I want to work on the tide travellers but I’m worried about limiting my own time for my own storyboarding (Shadid’s project has stopped me from catching up with my own work) I’m not sure if I can commit. 😦 What I was thinking is that I could perhaps make beat boards (e.g 6-10 frames of one episode and see how the story flows?

Dan’s Reply:
Thanks for the update. You sound very busy and I am glad to hear you are progressing.
I will let you know when the Beano talk is happening.  As for the Tide Travellers, that is a shame to hear you can not be part of the storyboard process. Anything you can do, would be appreciated so try out some beat boards when you have time. Have a productive week.

Back from easter meeting

 Animatic feedback:

Update email to dan
email dan



(L06:) Above is the first initial Gantt chart I made for the portfolio and FMP pitch (from the first term). This was planned solely for my FMP at this point. I want to make sure that I have as much time to animate and create worthy pieces for my final piece.


(LO6:) This is my second Gantt chart that was created to be more in depth and include live briefs and FMP and realistically to see how long each section would take me. It is important to manage my project so that I will not burn out or loose focus at certain points of the project (and especially since I am working on multiple projects). I will refer to this gantt chart and update where I need to to stay on track and motivate me to work hard throughout.


(LO6:) Above is a closer look at the Gantt chart. This section is the pre-production stage. It starts from the 9th January to late February (the latest) – Ideally mid-February, but I wanted to give myself a pillow encase I go over since I’m not exactly sure how long each stage will take. I want a solid two weeks to work only on my pre-production (between the 10th – 24th Feb). It’s important to spend a lot of time on my pre-production since I am making a 2D animation and so the planning must be exact to save time later in the production stage.


(LO6:) This is a look at the production half of my gantt chart above. I hope to give myself three months to animate in. This including tests and my report. From the end of February to the end of May I want to really take into consideration the length of each stage. Especially cleanup and colouring which will be the longest. I will update if I go over.

Week 01 (2017)

(LO6:) As well as creating a gantt chart I have created a weekly schedule where I can fill in more detailed tasks and make a plan of what I will do weekly to achieve as much as possible (and to stay on track). I shall hopefully continue to make these every Wednesday.

Week 03 (2017)


(LO6:) This is a rough schedule I created for week three. I hope to follow this plan, although I might need some more time for these tasks. The making of Shadid’s storyboard for instance, I realise I am going to need longer. I didn’t follow this schedule as much and so I hope to follow better in the future. However I did follow my main tasks.

Week 04 

Week 04.jpg

(LO6:) This is my schedule for Week 4, I’m a little behind since I am working on two different pre-production projects other than my own. I need to spend this week finishing off these projects – I hope to have an initial story thumbed out and character designed by next week.

Week 07



(LO6:) I also make lots of to-do lists on a notepad that I have. I’ve made so many to-do lists, daily. Above are some rough plans I’ve made, some are lists of blog posts I need to make and things I need to do. They are a good way to let me organise my day into achievable tasks.


(L06:) Above was the first rough scedule I made in my notebook for my FMP project plan. It has some main tasks that I need to achieve. It gives a little more detail than the Gantt chart and lets me tick off as I go along.