Contacting Industry

Meg Park


Above are three people that I contacted in the industry. Unfortunately, I only got one reply back – but the information that I received was very helpful. Manddy Wyckens is an Art Director at Studio A.K.A a company that I am very interested in working for. I also have followed online for a while. The third person I contacted without a response is a animator who worked at Cartoon Saloon (another company I am interested in) – she worked on THE Puffin Rock series to make character designs too. I thought that they could be a useful source.

Meg Park


Hi Alice,

After I graduated, I worked full-time in a small studio as an illustrator but spent my free time building my portfolio and looking at the kind of work the artists at big studios like Disney and Pixar were doing. I spent a couple of years just drawing constantly and trying to learn as much as I could as well as posting my work online and on social media until I was confident enough to quit my full-time job and go freelance. I’m mostly contacted directly by people from the studios who found my work online or have seen it used on another project. Going to events like CTNX has helped as well.

My work is mostly digital (I use Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq tablet)

Hope that helps!



‘Meg Park is a Character Designer and Illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland. She has worked with Disney, Paramount Pictures, Illumination Entertainment, Reel FX, Passion Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation and Google ATAP amongst others.’

I decided to contact Meg Park who is a freelancer concept and character designer. She has worked for some large cooperation such as Disney, Paramount and even the recent Sainsbury’s Christmas advert – which she created the wonderful character designs. I want to contact a freelancer to learn about her experiences and how she made in into the industry as a freelancer. She explained to me that social media was her key to success. Her clients contact her after discovering her online. Using these tools to promote yourself and to gain a following. She also took a few years to perfect her drawing skills based of artists that she liked and strengthen her drawing skills. She explained that she uses Photoshop and a wacom cintiq to create most of her work.



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